Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Contest: Watson's Win 100 Bonus Points Daily

Watson Singapore have launch their Watsons SG App  on both App Store and Android Play Store. In the App, there is a Mobile App Picture Link Game. By Playing this Mobile App Picture Link Game, you could be one of the lucky winner to win 100 bonus points. Watson will randomly select 1 winner daily.

Where to download the Watsons SG App?
Go to your mobile's App Store or Android Play Store. Look for Warsons SG App, download and install. Its free. 

You must be an existing Watsons Singapore card member. If you are not, not to worry. You can go to any Watsons store and apply as a member. Membership cost $10 and its a lifetime membership. Very worth it. 

How to play and Win?
  1. Go into the Watsons SG App. 
  2. Click on "Wats Fun" button. 
  3. There is a link at the bottom right corner of the screen to read the instructions on how to play. This is mainly a picture link game. 
  4. Click on the play button and start playing. 
  5. At the end of the game, submit your NRIC number. 
Its that simple and I have won twice already. :)

Watsons SG will randomly select a winner daily. Winner will receive 100 bonus points. Bonus points will be credited into the winner's Watsons membership card using the NRIC that you have submitted. Winner will be announced on their Mobile App home page or Watsons SG Facebook.

(For those who is not a member and wonder what the bonus points are use for, the bonus points can be exchange to $$ to buy products at Watsons. Every 20 bonus points = $1)  

Are you ready to play? Good luck everyone!

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