Monday, 31 December 2012

Contest: What's in the bag? 2013 *Snacks on Us* Friends Referral Daily Instant Win

What's in the bag? is having 2013 *Snacks on Us* Friends Referral Monthly Daily Instant Win $5.00 NTUC Gift Voucher.

How to Win?
  1. Like What's in the bag? Facebook Page
  2. Go to their Contest Page
  3. Every day, click on the lucky winning button "Claim your prize".
  4. Optionally, to increase your winning chance, please do click on the other button on the left  "Invite 5 friends to increase your luck"
  5. Play it everyday for unlimited daily wins up to 365 days in 2013.
  6. Even you already won previously, you still could stand a chance to win again and again and again every day for entire year of 2013.
  • You have 1 chance daily to win, and win up to 365 day in 2013 with each prize of $5.00 NTUC Gift Voucher.
  • For Singapore/PR/Temp resident with residential address.
  • For What's in the bag? fans only.
  • What's in the bag? reserve the rights to make any changes without prior notice, and to decide the winners to ensure a fair game ground.
  • For unique Facebook account as per NRIC no.
  • All rewards are to be mailed and no replacement so please ensure you provide accurate residential address.
  • All rewards are sponsored by J.a.S in bags - Little Shepherds Books (Owner of What's in the bag? page"
  • 365 unique lucky winners with 1 winner daily, or 365 times per person for entire year of 2013, with unlimited daily winning per person.
  • Win $5.00 NTUC Gift Voucher every day for the entire 365 days in 2013.
  • When you click on the lucky winning button "Claim your prize", a message instantly will appear to announce whether are you a winner or not. 
  • If you won, there will be a message that says "You Won $5.00 NTUC Gift Voucher" and instruction to claim your prize with a given prize code with the message.

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