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Review: NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser

NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser (160ml)
This week review is on NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser. This product is redeemed from Venus Beauty Facebook during their redemption giveaway event somewhere in September 2012. This product works well for me as a cleanser. :)

NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser Summary
NOPS stands for Natural Organic PlantS. It is a korea brand. You may read more about the brand from this link

This cleanser contain lots of egg white extract (3000mg) along with plenty of forms.

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Soft whipped foam
  • Hydrating
  • Deep Cleansing action
  • Able to remove makeup
You may read more about this product from Venus Beauty Facebook.  
Ingredients in NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser
Box of NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser

How to use NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser
Pump 3 - 4 times and massage thoroughly all over your face. 
How to use and what the product do.
My Review
This NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser have a special pump that will pump the cleanser out as white foam, ready to massage into the skin. The foam have a egg white smell, which smell nice to me but my mum do not like it. 
NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser
After cleansing, my face feels clean, refreshing and hydrated. Even the next day when I wake up, my face still feels hydrated and it is not oily. 

White foam when pumped out from the cleanser
After massaging on my hand
After using for quite sometime, I read from Venus Beauty that it removed makeup too! /shock I was surprised. So I decided to test it out, on my hands first. /hmm

I put on all my makeups onto my hand first as shown below. 

Makeup From Left: Eye Liner, Eye Brown Pencil, Eye Base, Mascara,
Eye Shadow, BB Cream, Blusher, Foundation, Lipstick
After that, I pump the white foam from the cleanser onto half of my hand and i leave it for 5 minutes. After that I rub the foam onto half of my hand and I wash off. It indeed removed all makeups except lipstick. /sweat
Cleanser put onto hand for 5 Minutes
Cleanser rubbed onto lower half of the hand
After washing the lower half of the hand. All makeup removed Except lipstick.
I wash the second time, this time round I wash off everything. Lower half of the hand that is washed the second time have all the makeup removed including the lipstick this time round. However, upper half of the hand still have lipstick not washed off. 

Conclusion, the cleanser can remove makeup but have to be cleanse at least 2 times to completely remove all makeup. 
Cleansing the whole hand
Lower half washed second time is completely clean but upper half washed for the first time have lipstick still there.
I will personally recommend to use this product as normal cleanser for daily cleansing of the face as it really hydrate and make my skin feels refreshing without trace of oiliness. However, I will still prefer to use a separate makeup remover for removing makeups, then use this cleanser to cleanse the face as a double precaution.   

Where to buy?
This product can be bought at Venus Beauty Store (Check Venus Beauty Facebook Page for store locations) at a retail price of $29.90.

Where to get sample?
Redemption giveaway for this product is long over. However you may still go to Venus Beauty Facebook Page and like their page for their ongoing or future redemption giveaway events. 

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post was/were samples or bought for personal use only. Reviews are for the purpose of sharing my honest personal experience only. No sponsorship and/or monetary compensation are offered. 

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