Thursday, 13 March 2014

Event: Honeyz Cube Beauty Tea Party

Honeyz Cube Beauty Tea Party at Plaza@Cosme at 100am
Its a pleasure to attend Honeyz Cube Beauty Tea Party on 8 March 2014 afternoon located at Plaza@Cosme at 100am.

Thanks to Honeyz Cube, Beauty Direct and Aibi Style, it was a fun and fulfilling afternoon, meeting other beauty bloggers and getting to know new products. 

I was pretty early that day, so I just walk around the shop, exploring the products available in the shop. 

The main focus of the day is the Rio Holographic Nail Foils by Aibi Style and False Eye Lashes by Star Lash. 

Rio Holographic Nail Foils by AibiStyle
False Eye Lashes by Star Lash
The party started with Juliana from Honeyz Cube giving the opening speech. 
Juliana giving speech.
Then the action begin! We are introduced the Rio Holographic Nail Foils available for sale at
Aibi Style for a price of S$75 for each set. Each set comes with 10 different style of nail foils. With this Holographic Nail Foils, we are able to customise our own nails (natural nails or false nails) in simple steps and nice designs. You may find out about this product at Aibi Style website

A demo is done by Lavinia from Aibi Style on how to apply the nail foil. 

Applying nail adhesive and nail varnish.
Placing the foil on the nail.
Nail nicely done.
Moving on, we are introduced to another product, False Eye Lashes by Star Lash. Star Lash is Beauty Direct's own local home label, with its premium lashes handmade to perfection. And its only now that I know they have such an extensive range of designs. 

Different design of Star Lash.
We are then showed how to put on the false eye lashes using Star Lash's eyelash glue.
Good false lash is flexible and do not break easily.
Applying eyelash glue on the top of the lash.
Fitting the lash.
False lash nicely done.
Not forgetting, there are also nice food and tea available to fill the stomach. And also at the same time, chat with other beauty bloggers. 
Nice Food.
Nice food.
Photo with other bloggers.
Photo with host and other bloggers.
At the end of the day, all of us bring home a goodies bag with a full set of Rio Holographic Nail Foils, Star Lash false eye lash and eye lash glue and some samples of products available in Cube Store as well as vouchers. Thanks to Honeyz Cube, Beauty Direct and Aibi Style
Goodies bag
Items inside the goodies bag.
I will be doing separate post for the goodies received once I have tried them. So look out for it in my blog when they are ready. :) 

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by Honeyz Cube. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event.

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