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Review: Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks

Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks (325ml / Can)
Let's talk about Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks for this review.

Overall,this sparkling drink is less gassy, less sweet and less calories. And great to know that it is made with real fruit juice. Perfect for people like me who seldom drink soft drink but craving to have it once in a blue moon. 

About Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks
Juscool Sparkling Drinks is a new refreshing bubbly drink from Yeo'
  • Lightly Carbonated.
  • Made with real fruit juice.
  • Awarded Healthier Choice Symbol by Singapore HPB. 
  • Less 25% sugar and less calories.
Ingredients and Nutrition.
Healthier Choice Symbol.
6 flavours:
  •  Apple, Peach, Grapes, Orange, Passion Fruit, Yuzu
Ways to drink it?
There are many ways to drink this sparkling drink. You can:
  • Just drink it cold with ice. 
  • Convert it into dessert types or drink concoction. 
  • Made it into ice popsicles. 
  • Add vodka and make it into cocktail.  
My Review
Last month at Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise Event, I was given a bag of Juscool Sparkling Drinks from Yeo's. 

Yeah! New drinks. I was spoiled with choices. There is a total of 6 flavours. Which one should I drink first? :)
6 flavours to choose from.
I have tried all 6 flavours starting with Yuzu flavour. 

Basically, I am 1 person who don't really drink soft drink, let alone frizzy drink. But sometimes once in a blue moon, I will also crave for frizzy drink. However, still don't dare to drink it coz it's not at all healthy. 

This Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks allows me to cure my crave once in a blue moon. It's awarded healthier choice symbol and most importantly, it is actually less sweet and less gassy. Just nice for me. 

Frizzy drink is best drink ice cold. Applies to this drink too. To make it even more healthy, I actually added real fruits (although it is made of real fruit juice) and also Chia Seeds into the drink. 
Yuzu Flavour Juscool.
I love Yuzu flavour best. So it's done using Yuzu Flavour Juscool Drink. Add a little deco and it's great to serve it to guest. :) Looks good and taste good. 
My own dessert drink with Juscool.
Their other flavours taste just as nice too. Passion fruit 2nd my list. A great flavour to minus the too meaty and oily food taste. And I like how the apple flavour looks so much like a champagne. 
Apple and Passion Fruit flavours.
Ok still that word, no matter how healthier choice symbol it had, we should eat and drink moderately. "Moderately", the key word to healthy life. :D

Go on to pamper yourself sometimes with this Juscool Sparkling Drinks from Yeo's.

Where to buy it?
Yeo's Juscool Sparkling Drinks can be bought at all major supermarkets and convenience stores. They comes in 325ml Can, 500ml and 1.5L Pet bottles formats.

Where to get sample?
Nope. No sample for this. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

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