Monday, 27 November 2017

Event: Ice Cool Slushie Tasting Session with Fun Activities

Ice Cool Slushie
Back October, I went for an icy cool event by Fun Activities. Especially with Singapore hot weather all year round, icy drink is a must.

So what "ice" me really that day? It's non other then Ice Cool Slushie!!!

About Fun Activities
Ok...I won't bored you with long long stories here. Just a few lines to introduce you this company. 

Fun Activities was founded in 2016. As the name already told you much about this company. "FUN" is the word. 

Besides providing team building activities to company, school, etc, they provide rental services as well. 
Team from Fun Activities.
Find out more about them from the link here

Ice Cool Slushie From Slushie Baguuss
I'm sure you all have drink Slurpee from 7-11 before right? Well Slushie is something like Slurpee. Yes....that means something to do with ice... all of us love ice isn't it? Even children love it.

I was greeted with 5 different flavours of Slushie that day. 

There is 2 normal flavours; lychee and blueberry. As well as premium flavours such as Thai Milk Tea, Milo and Bandung. 
lychee and blueberry flavours.
Thai Milk Tea, Milo and Bandung.
Of all the flavours, I like the lychee flavour best. Not too sweet with a little hint of lychee fragrance. Keeps me perfectly cool.

I not only get to taste them, I have fun that day mixing them. Look at the nice colors I mix. 
All in mixture!! (Erm...for camera to drink only. Not for human. :p)
Lychee + Bandung. (This mixture taste really nice to me.)
Left: Thai Milk Tea, Right: Lychee + Blueberry.
Isn't it great to see all your guests having a happy and cool time with these Slushie? 

You too can have these Slushie machines in your parties as well. 

Slushie Machine Rental from Fun Activities
2 Sizes of slushie machine you can choose to rent depending on the size of your party. 
  • Double Barrel (Rental Price: S$168)
  • Triple Barrel (Rental Price:S$208)
Barrel Size:
  • Each barrel is 11 Litre = 50-60 cups of 200ml
Slushie Flavours:
  • Normal Flavours (lychee, blueberry, honeydew, mango,apple, etc)
  • Premium Flavours (Milk Tea, Milo, Bandung, etc)
Do note on these pre-event requirements: 
  1. Dedicated power outlet for each set of machine – 13amp outlet.
  2. A table enough to take on 100kg of weight. (Usual wooden event table suffice) 
  3. Please inform them if any of the above requirements is not available as additional charges may apply. 
  4. The machine requires 2 hours to convert the special concoction into Slushie Baguuss. 
  5. The machine cannot be placed under direct Sunlight. Preferably in a sheltered location with a minimum space of 15 cm behind the machine for air-intake.
Check out Slushie information from the link here

You may also find them from their Facebook page as well as their website

Oh oh....and one more advice from me. If you want your guests to have fun mixing the drinks like me too, make sure you choose all flavours that can be mixed. Because I am sure you want your guest to leave your party with a healthy stomach. Right?

That's it for today. Cheers!!! 

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by Fun Activities. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Review: Loveisderma B12+ Mandelic Acid Gelly Masque

Loveisderma B12+ Mandelic Acid Gelly Masque (500g)
I have recently tried Loveisderma B12+ Mandelic Acid Gelly Masque from Taiwan. Come check this wash off masque with me. 

My first time trying Loveisderma product. This Gelly Masque makes me feel refreshing after used. My skin touches smooth as well.

About Loveisderma B12+ Mandelic Acid Gelly Masque
This is an Acne solution Gelly Masque with the following details. 

Texture: Gel-like
Color: Light pink in color. 

  • Acne clearing
  • sebum-normalizing
  • skin brightening
  • hydrating, and elasticizing effects
  • Minimize pores
Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan
About the product.
Go to Loveisderma Website for more information.

How to use Loveisderma B12+ Mandelic Acid Gelly Masque?
  1. Cleanse Skin. 
  2. Evenly apply a thick layer (about 5mm thick) onto skin and avoid contact with eyes and lips. 
  3. Leave on for 20 - 30 minutes. 
  4. Remove excess with a Spatula and then wash off.
My Review
This is my first time trying out Loveisderma product. I really got a shock when I saw the product because it came in such a big tub. It's 2 times the size of my other wash off masque's container. 
Loveisderma B12+ Mandelic Acid Gelly Masque.
The tub came sealed in plastic on the outside and covered with aluminum foil on the inside. 
Came sealed in plastic.
Covered with aluminum foil on the inside.
It's great that spatula is given. This means that I do not need to use my hand to dig into the masque. Keeping the masque fresh at all time.
Spatula given.
The masque has a gel like texture and is light pink in color. It produces a light floral fragrance smell. 
Light pink in color.
Gel like texture.
It feels sticky when it's applied on my face. There is this little cooling feel as well during application. 
It feels sticky when it's applied.
One thing that caught my attention is that the instruction told to apply a "thick" layer. Well usually the wash off masque I tried before told to apply a "thin " layer. This is the first one that told me to apply it thick. Well this explains the big tub isn't it. 😆
During application.
So how do I feel after washing off? I felt really refreshing. My skin touches smooth as well. It does look a small percent of brighten up to me. As for the pores, no comment really coz I do not have large pores to start with. 

Any cons? Well, there are 2 negative points to me. First, the big tub means it's not really convenient to travel around with. Second, it took quite long for me to wash them off.

However, this masque is still worth a try to me as it does makes my skin smooth and hydrated. I also notice my skin does not feels so oily the next day morning when I wake up too.
Before and after use of my forehead.
Where to buy it?
Loveisderma B12+ Mandelic Acid Gelly Masque (500g) can be bought from Lazada SG Online Store and also My Daily Skincare Online Store for a retail price of S$45.

Where to get sample?
No samples for this product. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.