Sunday, 14 January 2018

Review: Laneige Collagen Drink

Laneige Collagen Drink (5000mg, 30ml)
You have tried Laneige skin care products. But have you tried their Collagen Drink yet? No? Then come check out Laneige Collagen Drink with me. 

Laneige Collagen Drink taste a little sour. In term of taste, I don't quite like as I can taste the fishy taste of the drink. As for the effect, it probably need more bottles to see effect. 

About Laneige Collagen Drink
  • Contains only 25kcal.
  • Free from artificial colouring, preservatives and sugar.
  • Low molecular weight fish collagen. Easy to absorb.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants for radiant and moisturized skin.
Go to Laneige Website for more information. 

How to consume Laneige Collagen Drink?
Take 1 bottle daily preferably in the evening. Shake well before drinking.

My Review
I have tried Laneige skin care products. But collagen drink, this is the first time. 

The collagen drink came in glass bottle printed with pink label. 
Came in glass bottle printed with pink label.
The drink itself is as usually in brown or yellow in color. This case, it came brown in color. 

It is in watery texture. Not thick at all. It actually taste a little sour to me and I can still taste the fishy taste. Therefore, taste not really to my liking. 
It taste a little sour with fishy taste.
I actually have 6 bottles of them. But I am not able to comment still on the effect after consuming all of them as I still see nothing yet. Maybe it needs longer time + more bottles of consumption? 

For me, I won't consider this collagen drink as I have consumed better once. For you to judge. :)

Where to buy it?
Laneige Collagen Drink can be bought from Laneige Shop, Tangs, Laneige Counter. IT is selling S$52 for a box of 10 from Tangs.

Where to redeem samples?
Sample redemption is long over. :(

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

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