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Review: Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea

Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea (20x5g)
Tea anyone? Come don't be shy....join me over a cup of Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea. 

I have tried this new tea on my tea shelf for the past week. The blended tea taste luscious sweet and produces a light herbal sweet smell. I quite like the taste. And good thing about this tea is that it helps to quench my thirst and make me feel less lethargic. 

Let's find out more about the tea first. 

About Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea
Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea from Korea, is an eco-friendly leached tea.

This product is manufactured using Jeju seahorse farmed in a HACCP-certified facility operated by Haechuma, the only seahorse farmer in Korea. 

The tea is made up of the main ingredient, seahorse as well as 8 other oriental medicinal ingredients all packed into a teabag.
  1. Seahorse: Makes body warm, strengthen kidney and increase positive energy.
  2. Dang Gui(当归): Enhance blood flow and remove blood clots.
  3. White Woodland Peony: Improve anemia and replenish body fluids.
  4. Licorice: Remove toxic and reduce stress.
  5. Lemon: Good source of vitamin C, effective against cold and fatigue.
  6. Mint: Protect lung, heart and liver. Aid with upset stomach or indigestion.
  7. Siberian Ginseng Vine: Helps bone joint, recover liver functions, improve blood circulation and enhance immune system.
  8. Jiguja: Fruit of raisin tree.
  9. Cinnamon: High source of anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory Properties, protects heart, brain functions, Fight Diabetes, Infections & Viruses, 
  1. Improve blood circulation.
  2. Improve energy metabolism.
  3. Improve immunity.
  4. Detox your body. 
How to consume Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea?
  1. Place the tea bag in 100ml of warm water.
  2. shake several time to brew the tea. 
  3. Ready to drink. 
Although it's delicious to drink, note that excessive consumption will cause diarrhea.

My Review
I love drinking tea and I am a constant tea drinker. Do you love to drink tea as much as I do? 😍

Recently, I was introduce something new. You all know what seahorse is right? But have you drink blended tea with seahorse as one of the ingredient inside? I just did last week. The tea is non other than Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea. 
Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea
The tea came sealed in a box of 20 packets.  
Came in a box of 20 individual pack.
Very thoughtful to place it in a small pack, convenient for me to place in my bag and bring out.
Place in individual small pack, convenient to bring around.
Usually teabag came with a square holder, printed with the tea brand and flavour. But for this Seahorse blended tea, it came with a very cute holder that looks almost like a seahorse. Erm...almost....
Teabag inside each individual pack.
Cute looking teabag holder.
So cute right? But how to place it on the cup? I took a few second to play around with the teabag holder. πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜›

Teabag holder placed nicely onto the cup.
Ok, playing aside, the first thing I always do is to smell the teabag. Not sure if you are the same as me? 😁 

I though there will be a very heavy medicine smell like those I smell from traditional Chinese medical store since there are so many medicinal ingredients in it. But it actually don't. There is a light herbal sweet smell. Smell Ok to me. But my mum told me it smell like Dang Gui(当归). 

The tea itself is light brown in color after brewing in hot water.
Tea is light brown in color.
Teabag holder still stays nicely on the cup.
Teabag holder still stay nicely on the cup.
I like to drink my tea hot! But my mum like to drink it warm.😏 Then we realize that different temperature of the tea, produces different taste. 

When it's hot, the tea taste more luscious sweet with a hint of mint and lemon taste. Chinese saying, it taste η”˜η”œ. 

But when it's warm, I can taste light herbal taste and less rich.

The tea does not have the usual tea bitter taste. Even if it's place in the water for long, it won't turn bitter. In fact, it taste even more fragrance. 

I quite like the taste. Although there are 8 oriental herbal used, I don't feel like drinking medicine at all. My mum love the taste too. 

2 things I notice from drinking the tea. The tea actually helps to quench my thirst and make me feel less lethargic.

You must be asking me, any seahorse taste, right? Erm....actually, how does seahorse taste like ah? Hahahahaha 😳...... I have never taste it before, so not really sure. But maybe the sweetness from the tea came from seahorse?πŸ™ˆ

Ok before I end my review, let me show you want is inside the teabag. 
Can you spot which ingredient is which?
Overall, this is a nice tea to drink. Something you should replace your gassy drink with during tea break. For better health. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Thanks for reading. Enjoy your tea!!! Cheers!!
Where to buy them?
Rarita Seahorse Blended Tea (20x5g) is available from Secretive Online Store for a retail price of S$59 and Q-price of S$33.90. Delivery charges apply, depending on the option chosen.

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

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