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Review: Quality Durians From Durian Delivery Online Store

Quality Durians From
It's the durian season!!!! Have you been smelling and seeing durians all over the place?? Then you cannot control yourselves but feeling the urge to have some yourselves too?? πŸ˜†

Recently, I was introduced to This is an online durian delivery Store that delivers quality fresh durians right to your doorsteps.

Come join me as I unveil my different durians feasting experience. 

About Durian Delivery
With everything going online, so is durian business. Let me introduce to you an online durian delivery store. is an online startup store, that aims to provide quality fresh durians picked from their durian plantation and delivered straight to your doorsteps within 6 - 12 hours after they are plucked from the trees and within 2 hours of packing

It is great to know that all their durians comes dehusked and packed in a neat air-sealed box. Each pack is 400g and contain a premium water-absorbing condiment pack.

They sell many different varieties of durians. 
  • Royal MSW (Hand-Picked Old Tree MSW Durian) - Signature
  • Mao Shan Wang (MSW)
  • Red Prawn
  • D101
They take care of every details in the process seriously, from the durian trees, plucking, packing and delivery right up to your door steps. They make sure the durians stays in great fresh quality. 

Go to for more details. 

My Review
To be frank, this is my first time hearing online durian delivery. I always thought the only way to buy durians is to go personally in store. And also delivery is to the durian stores only. Never to the customer's house. 

So I got so curious and excited when I get to know that there is actually a durian delivery online store. 

At the click of my fingers and comfort of my home, I get to enjoy quality fresh durians delivered right to my doorsteps. No queuing, no competing with the heat, no worry how to choose the durians and no cheating issues. πŸ‘

Durians from came in an air sealed container. This is really good as this means freshness is sealed and also no durian smell. This makes it easy to store if we cannot finished and needs to put them in the refrigerator. 
Came in an air-sealed container.
I must mention this. The plastic sealed cover is really easy to peel off. Usually, I will need to cut them in order to remove it. But I don't have to for this. 
Easy to peel off.
And the Royal MSW and MSW durians smell just came flying strongly out of the container once I peel off the cover. Let me tell you, to those that love durians...this strong smell is heavenly...but for those who don't....hide in your room please...hahahaha...
This should be the water absorbing pack.
There are 2 types of durian that I try here. One is the normal MSW and one is signature, Old Tree MSW Durian. 
Mao Shan Wang (also known as Musang King)
Royal MSW (Hand-Picked Old Tree MSW Durian) first question is what is the different?? Let me do the job for you. 😁 Actually it is really easy. 😝

Lets talk about Old Tree MSW first. Durian flesh, the old tree MSW is firmer, brighter and smoother and color looks more yellowish. Taste wise, old tree MSW taste less sweet and more bitter as compare. The taste is also stronger, thicker and more fragrance. 
Royal MSW (Hand-Picked Old Tree MSW Durian)
The normal MSW, durian flesh is less firm and look less smooth. The color looks dull yellow as compare. Taste wise, the normal MSW taste more sweet, less bitter, creamy and very soft. Taste less fragrance and not so thick as compare. 
Normal Mao Shan Wang (MSW)
Well, it is actually very personal when comes to taste. For me, I like my durian less sweet and firmer. So naturally I like the old tree MSW more. But my mum and my blog buddy loves their durian sweeter. So they like the normal MSW more. How about you??πŸ˜ƒ

Also, look at the seed of the durian....they are so small. That means a decent thick amount of durian flesh!!! And if you are adventurous enough, I saw from a TV show that the seed of the durians can be use to make tonic soup. Yum Yum!!!
Seeds are all very small.
Eating durians means sharing time. I had a durian feast with my blog buddy and my mum. The great quality durians makes our durian feast an enjoyable one. No watery durians or tasteless durians anymore.Every mouthful taste so delicious!
Sharing the calories with my family and friend. (Image courtesy Rena Is)
And what if your durian came watery, unripe or sour?? No worries, will get it fully refund or fully replaced for you. This is the service I like best, quality guarantee. 

Oh yah.....durians that I can't finished, the next day, it still taste as great as the day before. Actually cold durian taste as shiok too. I also use it to make dessert too. 
Durians that you can't finished can be made into desserts. (Delicious Durian Ai Yu Jelly)
Taste really delicious! And even the housefly came flying into my house. I remember old folks telling me that housefly will only come when your fruit used less or does not use insecticide. I get so many time I eat durians, this is the first time housefly came wanting to have a share of my durians.  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Oh.....there is something which I must mention before I end my review here. Do you know that besides the usual health benefits of consuming durians that you have heard of like aid digestion, cure insomnia, prevent cancer and anemia, etc, it does contribute to your skin beauty care too.

Yes, you heard me right. Durians help your anti-aging skin care. It is high in vitamin C which fight free radicals, helping reduce pigmentation and wrinkles. Also, flavonoid in durian can regenerate damaged dead skin and tighten skin, which helps maintain your skin firmness and moisture. 
ζ₯ζ₯....Come eat "Liu Lian" (Durian)
However, the word is still moderate. Eat moderately to enjoy the benefits that durian gave. Durians are delicious but don't over eat yah!! Of course, eat quality, fresh and value for money. I personally feel that fulfills all these factors. 

Where to buy them?
With the great quality and taste of the durians and the convenient you get, price wise is actually consider value for money to me. 

Give them a try!!! I am sure you will love them too. 
Yummy Yum Yum!!!
These great durians can be bought from Their MSW, Royal MSW and red prawn are on sale at time of this post. Go check it out and feast away!!!

Check here for delivery info. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

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