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Review: Lipice Sheer Color Lipbalm

Sample Size Lipice Sheer Color
Its time for weekly review again. This week, I will be reviewing on Lipice Sheer Color Lipbalm (Strawberry). I applied for this sample around July 2012. This Sheer Color Lipbalm sure is magic :-O ! Its surely more than just a Lipblam and I personally like this range of Sheer Color Lipbalm by Lipice after trying out the sample. 

Lipice Sheer Color Lipbalm Summary
Let me share with you a little about this Lipice Sheer Color Lipbalm. It is a unique color changeable lipbalm.  It will change its color magically to a pink according to your own natural lip color. Each person will have its unique pink! Plus it has the ability to protect and moisturize your lips. 

Lipice Sheer Color comes in 3 variants: 
  1. Fragrance Free
  2. Strawberry
  3. Shimmer
You may read up more on Lipice Sheer Color Lipbalm at Lipice Singapore Website. (Go to Products > Lipice Products > Lipice Sheer Color)

Sample received.
Click on the image to see more about Lipice Sheer Color.
Click on the image to see more about Lipice Sheer Color.
Tips for healthy lips.
How to use?
Just apply to lips when necessary. Team it up with other Lipice products such as Color Lipbalm or Color Gross. 

Personally, I apply them onto my lips before my lipsticks. 

My Review
Lipice is the first lipbalm brand I used from my Secondary School days. Back then, I have only heard of Lipice (Me very mountain tortoise back than /XD ) and its affordable for me. I have very dry lips and offend my lips will crack. So I need lipbalm to keep my lips moist. 

I saw this sample redemption at Lipice Facebook and decided to redeem one as they claim that this Lipice Sheer color will change to a unique shade of pink for each different lips. I wanted to try if its really as magical as they claim :P. 

Lipice Sheer Color (Strawberry)
The first impression when I open the cap was "Nothing special leh!" /nobigdeal It looks just like any other lipbalm. I though it will be pink in color since they say it will produce a unique pink on my lips. It turns out to be colorless but produce a strawberry smell. 

Everything seems so normal until I apply them onto my lips and I'm surprised. :-O Although the stick is colorless, but when I apply, it instantly turns my dull color lips into a nice natural shade of pink. Besides that, I feel my lips is being moisturize without being over oily. My lips looks and feels more healthy. No more crack lips too.

Lip before Applying Lipice Sheer Color.
Lip After Applying Lipice Sheer Color.

I use Lipice Sheer Color whenever I am lazy to apply lipstick and I just want to have a natural pink on my lips to go with my causal clothes. Don't want my lips to look sick with no color.

The only thing I dislike is that I have to re-apply after I eat or drink something as the lipbalm will be gone. 

I have yet to try on the other 2 variants, Fragrance Free and Shimmer. So cannot compare them but I will definitely try them.

I will recommend this Lipice Sheer color. It helps make my lips moisturize and beautiful.

Where to buy?
Lipice Sheer Color Lipbalm can be found at Watsons store at an affordable retail price of $7.50. 

Where to get sample?
This sample was redeemed from Lipice SG Facebook but Lipice have already removed the link for redeeming Lipice Sheer Color sample. You may still go to their Facebook page and like their Facebook page for future new sample redemption.  

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post was/were samples or bought for personal use only. Reviews are for the purpose of sharing my honest personal experience only. No sponsorship and/or monetary compensation are offered.

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