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Review: Steamboat King Singapore - Quality And Hassle Free

Steamboat King Singapore

Steamboat is always the most popular choice in Singapore in any occasion, especially during gathering and Chinese New Year.

Eating steamboat is easy but the preparation work of buying the ingredients and cooking the soup base may be a cumbersome task for the host. Not any more if you order from Steamboat King Singapore. They provide you with quality and hassle free steamboat experience. 

Come and check out the experience my family and I have with them over the weekend.

About Steamboat King Singapore

Steamboat King Singapore is an online delivery store that provides you hassle free steamboat experience. 

Steamboat King Singapore Website

With 30 years of experiences from the award winning head chefs, below is a summary of reasons why you should give them a try. 
  • Soup base is simmered on low fire for minimum of 8 hours daily. 
  • Handpicked fresh, quality and affordable ingredients from their own wholesale supply. 
  • No queue, No fuss and No cleaning needed. 
  • Portable stove set provided with any purchase of their hotpot bundles.
  • Ingredients are pack in Eco-friendly reusable bag. 
  • 100% guarantee replacement if you received ingredients that are not fresh. 
  • Handmade dipping sauce to go with your steamboat. 
  • Delivery within 1 Hour island wide.   

Go to Steamboat King Singapore Website for more information. 

And if you wish to know about steamboat delivery in Singapore, do visit Best In Singapore. They have published well-researched, tested, and informative articles about what is best in Singapore. Check out their article on best 8 steamboat delivery in Singapore.  

My Review

Does steamboat comes to your mind when u do not know what to cook during get together or during festive season? 

Eat is easy but for the person who needs to prepare it, are you stress up when it comes to preparing for steamboat? Well, it will be good news now as having steamboat is just a few clicks away at the comfort of your home. 

Over the weekend, thanks to Best In Singapore, my family and I got to enjoy a hassle free steamboat experience with Steamboat King Singapore.

Ordering Process

Ordering is easy as their catalog is well arranged. You can either order from their ala carte menu or their king bundles menu or both. They sure have a wide range of ingredients from the ala carte menu.

Ala Carte Menu.

For me, I ordered their Steamboat King Bundle B. No headache needed. I just had to select 2 soup base, fruit and drink. The rest of the ingredients came fixed with the bundle. Easy and details clearly stated. 

Easy to navigate and order. Details clearly stated.

I like it that my selection choices is listed clearly in my shopping cart for me to double check before I checkout. Checkout and payment is easy and seamless too.

Details clearly listed in the cart.

It is great that I can choose the delivery time slot and date. So that I can expect the delivery at the timing convenient to me.

Allows for selection of time slot and date.

Delivery from Steamboat King came on time, within the time slot that I selected. 

Items came well packed in containers. No leakage and nicely arranged. Ready to start our steamboat right away after opening. 

Items well packed.

Check out all the items I received for Steamboat King Bundle B + add on of Hokkaido snow pork belly.

Items from Steamboat King Bundle B.

Portable Stove Set

All bundle set ordered came with free portable stove and fuel. So you don't have to worry if you do not have one for steamboat. 

Portable Stove set given with every bundle ordered.

Since the portable stove and fuel is given. We decided to use them. It is Ok for me and my brother. However, my old folks seem not quite happy with it. Why? Not like electric pot, where u can see the soup base rolling in the pot when it boils. (Not shiok according to the old folks if cannot see soup rolling😁) The fire from these portable stove seem too small and slow for them. 

It burn off quite fast too. One refill of fuel from the container given by them can last for around 30 minutes until next refill. So I ended up transferring one of the soup base to our own small electric pot instead. 

Gel fuel given to light up the stove.

Soup Base

Bundle B set came with 2 soup base. They have 5 soup base to choose from:

  • Premium Collagen Soup
  • Sichuan Mala Soup
  • Tomato Soup
  • Pork Tonkotsu Soup
  • Kimchi Soup

For me, the first choice is non other than the premium collagen soup. The second soup base I chosen is pork tonkotsu. My old folk at home do not want spicy soup base and pork tonkotsu seems interesting to us.

The soup base came pack in plastic water bags. Easy to pour into the pot and keep for leftovers.

Came packed in plastic water bag (1.5L).

The 2 soup bases taste really delicious especially so after the ingredients are cooked halfway through the steamboat. For the Pork Tonkotsu soup base, I can really taste the pork bone fragrance. For the collagen soup base, it taste really sweet and fragrance to drink on its own. For us, we love the collagen soup base more. 

Pork Tonkotsu and Collagen Soup Base.

And it is really great for them to include the goji berry and red dates to add into the collagen soup. There are more than enough to put into the soup too.

Dipping Sauces

3 different types of dipping sauces were given, goma shoyu, homemade sambal chilli and Thai chilli sauce. 

Dipping sauces given.

For me, I really love the goma shoyu sauce. It taste salty sour. It goes really well with the meat. The homemade sambal taste quite hot but really fragrance. The amount of dipping sauces given is enough for the steamboat.

Meat and Seafood

Quite a lot of meats were given with bundle B set. For me, I add on their Hokkaido Snow Pork Belly to my order. 

Of all the meat, my family and I love the Hokkaido Snow Pork Belly so much. It is thinly cut, taste so tender, fresh and sweet. I don't even need any dipping sauce with this Hokkaido pork belly. Great choice to add on!

Hokkaido Snow Pork Belly (200g)

The Brazil pork belly and collar that came with the bundle taste as fresh and sweet too. But I find it too thick. The chewing texture will be better if it is cut a little thinner. 

Cooked Brazil pork belly.

The fish taste smooth, fresh and tasty. However, we found fish bone on them. It will be better to check and cut properly so that no fish bone should be found on the fish for steamboat. This will ensure that it will be safe for children to eat during steamboat. 

Our family is not breast meat lover. So quite a lot of chicken breast meats are leftover. My family personally prefer chicken thigh or leg more.

Meat and seafood from bundle B.

Vegetables and Others

As a vegetable lover, I cannot have steamboat without any vegetables. The bundle came with quite a lot of fresh vegetables especially the Enoki mushroom. It will be great if I am able to choose the 2 types of leafy vegetables instead of fix set given. 

Vegetables provided.

I must mention that of all the other ingredients given, the fastest to be wipe off the table is non other than the 8 pieces of fried beancurd skin roll given. Just a few second into the soup base, it taste really crispy with some of the soup base soaked up by the beancurd skin. 

For me, I don't like to eat fish ball. So usually, I don't touch them during steamboat. It is great that superior fish paste is given in this bundle instead. We have them scoop up using a spoon and throw into the soup base. The fish paste taste really sweet and soft.

Other ingredients.

3 serving of rice and 1 serving of noodles are given too. But there are really too much ingredients and too full for us really. So we actually have 1 serving of rice and noodle leftover.

Noodles, Rice and bottled drinks.

And the watermelon given taste so sweet and juicy. Also, glad that they provide a 1.5L of bottled drinks. Just nice to drink after the steamboat. But it will be better if the drink came icy cold.   

Fruits given too.

Overall, my family and I had an enjoyable and splendid steamboat. Totally relaxing (as no need to prepare the ingredients and soup), ingredients are fresh and tasty and soup base taste really delicious and fragrance. 

Delicious steamboat.

The amount for bundle B is stated as for 3 to 4 pax. But I personally think that bundle B is actually enough for 5 pax, given how full my family (4 pax) is with the amount of leftover ingredients. 

I will definitely order from them again next time during festive or when we are lazy to prepare for steamboat. Their price tag is quite reasonable.   

Happy Ordering!!!

Where to buy it?

Steamboat King Bundle B can be ordered from Steamboat King Singapore Website.

Steamboat King Bundle B (3-4pax) - S$99 (at time of this post)

Items in bundle B (This Image is credit from Express Photography)

Comes with Free Portable Stove Set(14cm + Fuel) with any purchase of their hotpot bundles. 

Delivery Fee
Spending of above S$100 - Free delivery.
Spending of below S$100 - Standard Shipping of S$7.90. 

Payment Method

  • Credit Card

No minimum order is required. And delivery will be done within 1 hour.

Take note of the operation hours:

  • Monday ~ Thursday: 10:45AM~09:45PM (Last Order: 08:45PM)
  • Friday ~ Sunday: 10:45AM~10:45PM (Last Order: 09:45PM)

Where to Follow?

You can check out more on Steamboat King Singapore from their social media below:

Steamboat King Singapore Facebook
Steamboat King Singapore Instagram
Steamboat King Singapore Website

Remember to also follow Best In Singapore Social Media to find more best in Singapore articles. 

Best In Singapore Facebook
Best In Singapore Instagram
Best In Singapore Website

(Photos used on Steamboat King Singapore Website are captured by Express Photography)

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Sunday, 11 October 2020

Review: Jany Top Cover Foundation SPF50+ PA+++

Jany Top Cover Foundation SPF50+ PA+++ (30g)

Having no time but need to quickly get your face presentable. Then you should try Jany Top Cover Foundation.

I have tried it and totally love how easy and convenient it is. Check out my experience with the foundation below.

About Jany Top Cover Foundation

Jany Top Cover Foundation is a full coverage foundation from Korea that does the following:

  • Cover skin imperfections
  • Waterproof
  • High durability
  • Whitening and wrinkle improvements
  • Protect against Ultra Violet Rays (SPF50+ PA+++)
  • Contain good ingredients such as tea tree extract and green tea extract. 

4 types of color:

  • 13 - Light Beige 
  • 21 - Natural Beige 
  • 22 - Medium Beige
  • 23 - Sand Beige

What is on the package (In Korean)

How to use Jany Top Cover Foundation?

Take a small amount of foundation and apply appropriately on the skin.

My Review

I received this Jany Top Cover Foundation from 0.8l recently. 

It comes in a 30g tube package that is properly sealed. 

Came in 30g tube package.

Properly sealed.

This foundation has a creamy texture. The color type I am having is natural beige color.

Creamy texture with natural beige color.

I like it that it is so easy to apply and convenient. Great for lazy people like me to just apply and go. For me, I just apply it using my bare fingers.

It works well as a concealer to conceal all my imperfections. At the same time works well as a CC cream or foundation that brighten, even out and smooth my skin. It even works well covering my dark circles.

Comparison with and without applying the foundation.

It is long lasting too and waterproof as the foundation still stays on even when I sweat. 

Waterproof and long lasting.

However it does need a mid day touch up especially the T-Zone area which turn shiny and oily.

Overall, it is quite a great foundation that is fast and easy to use and looks natural after applying. Great to bring it along during travel.

Fast, easy and looks natural.

Where to buy it?

Jany Top Cover Foundation can be bought from Shopee, eBay and Amazon online Website. Its retail price is S$33 for 1 tube of (30g). But they may be having discount on the individual online website.

Where to redeem sample?

No sample redemption for this product. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

Monday, 5 October 2020

Review: BIVID IN & OUT Nose and Face Mask

BIVID IN & OUT Nose and Face Mask

Doing Mask every week is one of the important steps for keeping our skin beautiful. But do you have the trouble of having skin not able to absorb the goodness of the mask?

Recently, I tried this new amazing bio-cellulose all-in-one IN & OUT nose and face mask from BIVID. My skin is able to be cleanse and absorb the serum from the mask well. Making my skin smooth and supply. 

Come walk through my exciting experience with me below.

About BIVID IN & OUT Nose and Face Mask

BIVID IN & OUT Nose and Face Mask is a bio-cellulose all-in-one mask that does the following: 

  1. Out: Cleanse and unclog pores
  2. In: Infuse skin with active ingredients for maximum effectiveness. 
  • Absorb sebum, dirt and makeup residue. 
  • Enhance skin elasticity and hydrate skin from deep within.
  • Pores tightening.
  • Enhance skin texture. 
  • Improve skin radiance and brightening.
  • No harmful chemical.
  • Higher absorption and penetration rate.
  • All skin type 
What is on the nose mask written in Korean.

About the face mask.

Ingredients for the face mask.

Go to
A Kinder Beauty Website for more information.

How to use BIVID IN & OUT Nose and Face Mask?

  1. Cleanse and towel dry your face.
  2. Remove the mask from the pouch. Remove the protective film and place it on the face or nose. 
  3. Leave the mask on until it totally dry up. 
  4. Remove mask and continue with your moisturizer.  

Don't throw away the mask just yet. Rinse the mask with water to observe the sebum extracted on the mask.

How to use in Korean for face mask.

My Review

Doing mask diligently helps to keep our skin in top condition. But have you encounter the same problem of not seeing much result no matter what good mask you use like me? 

Well, that is because our pores are clogged and skin contain dead skin cells that are still not cleared before we slipped anything onto our face. 

Being so busy, stress and lazy, I sometimes just skip many steps of my skincare routine. Ok, I know it is not an excuse. 😝

Recently, I am introduced to BIVID IN & OUT Nose and Face Mask. Thanks to A Kinder Beauty. I am really so excited to try on these amazing masks that give me no more excuses.

What is so special of the mask that makes me so excited? Well, these mask is said to does the cleanse and exfoliate job then push the active ingredients into the skin. All done with a mask on face. 😍 

BIVID IN & OUT Nose Mask

BIVID IN & OUT Nose Mask

The nose mask came in a box with 5 pieces of mask. 

A pack of nose mask.

The mask came with 2 layers of protective film which is to be removed. One on top and one at the bottom. 

The shape of the nose mask.

Came with 3 layers. 1 mask and 2 protective film.

The sheet of mask is actually very thin but touches smooth. It is actually quite difficult to use my finger to push bubbles off the mask. So what I actually do is that I use the protective film to push so that the mask won't stick onto my finger. 

The serum on the mask is watery and transparent with no significant smell. The access serum I actually apply onto the nose mask after I place the mask on my nose.

Watery and transparent texture.

The mask actually fits very well on my nose. It won't move about even if I touches it after a while. 

During application of the nose mask.

The mask feels very cooling during application.

Often, you are told that mask cannot be apply until it turn dry. But for BIVID IN & OUT mask, you can only remove them when they are completely dry. It took around 45 minutes for it to dry totally and during this period, I can do whatever I need. The mask will not drop.

The mask is easy to pull off too. What I like is that it does not dry my skin. In fact, my nose area feels smooth after application.

After used dried nose mask.

Do not throw away the mask just yet. Wet it in water and you are able to see the sebum extracted out. It's OMG when I look at it. 😨😱 All the white spots which are
sebum, dead skin cell, dirt, whiteheads and residues.

After wet. Look at all the sebum, dead skin cell, dirt and residues.

Check out my video below and you will know. 

My nose actually got very stubborn whiteheads. So I think it needs a few more application to clean them. Overall, it remove 60% of the dirt from my nose already. and pores tighten too.     

Before and after use of nose mask.

BIVID IN & OUT Face Mask

BIVID IN & OUT Face Mask

The face mask came in a box with 5 pieces of mask. 

A pack of face mask.

Same as the nose mask, there are also 2 protective film.

Mask just taken out of the pack.

How the mask look like.

The mask is thin but touches smooth and slippery and it is actually quite durable as it won't tear easily. It has a totally different texture as normal face mask. 

Mask is thin, smooth and slippery.

How the protective film looks like.

The serum has a watery, slippery and transparent texture and I can actually smell tea tree oil as I place it on my face. 

Serum has a watery transparent texture with tea tree smell.

Same as nose mask, it feels really cooling during application. 

And I actually like that it has the cleanse and extraction ability as sometimes, I just forgot to scrub my face and I only remembered after I put the mask on my face. Causing my skin not absorbing the serum well. But with this mask, I don't have to worry about it anymore. 

The mask fits and stay quite well on my face. Except that I find the eye area hole too big. 

Face mask when just apply on the face.

I don't have to worry about the mask as it actually won't drop off even if I am facing down. So I can do whatever while waiting for the face mask to turn completely dry. No time wasting Yes, same as the nose mask, the face mask needs to be completely dry before I can remove it. It took me around 1 hour 20 minutes to dry completely. 

When the mask dry, you actually feels that there is a layer of 2nd skin that is dry sticking on top of your own skin. 

How it looks like on my face after 1hr 20mins.

And it is quite easy to tear the mask off without drying my skin. My skin feels smoother, pore minimized and tightened. Redness reduced too. 

After used dried face mask.

The next day when I wake up, my face still feels moisturized, clean and no access sebum. Skin feels more radiant. So much so that my mum actually thought I have already wash up after I just wake up when I actually haven't done so. 

But one thing, it does not work on the issue around my eye area.

Before and after using face mask.

Same thing, don't throw the mask away yet. wet it in water and again, you can identify which area of your face needs more attention and care. 

After wet on the forehead area.

After wet on the nose and cheek area. (Still OK around the cheek area)

After wet around the chin area. (Not so bad)

Check out my video below and see how it perform on my face. 

Overall, this is quite an amazing, new and convenient mask that really works on my troubled skin. It is really worth the try.

Where to buy it?

BIVID IN & OUT Mask can be bought from A Kinder Beauty Website and Bella Tech Flagship store in Lazada SG.

BIVID IN & OUT Face Mask (25ml X 5 piece per box) - S$40
BIVID IN & OUT Nose Mask (3ml X 5 piece per box) - S$15

Where to follow?

You can follow A Kinder Beauty Social Media for more information of their products. 

A Kinder Beauty Website
A Kinder Beauty Facebook
A Kinder Beauty Instagram

Where to get sample?

Go follow A Kinder Beauty Facebook Page for latest promotions and samples. Check out on their post link here for a sample before it's fully redeemed.

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.