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Review: Rachel K Youth Complex Eye Cream

Youth Complex Eye Cream (Retail Size: 15ml)
/hihi This week review will be on Rachel K Youth Complex Eye Cream. My eye serum is running out soon. So was trying to get a new eye serum that will have more effect on my eyes. Read some forum where people have good results after using this eye cream. Therefore, bought one at Watsons during 20%+5% discount promotion to try and I am satisfied with the results that this Rachel K Eye Cream have on my eyes. 

Rachel K Youth Complex Eye Cream Summary
On the Youth Complex Eye Cream bottle, it says that "This certified organic anti-aging eye cream contains powerful active ingredients (Algae from depth of the oceans, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Olive Oils, Squalane) that rapidly smooth, hydrate, reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles". 

Results of using this eye cream:
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Delay signs of aging
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Reduce dark circles under your eyes

You may read more on Rachel K Youth Complex Eye Cream from Rachel K website or on their Facebook Page

Ingredients in the Youth Complex Eye Cream
How to use Youth Complex Eye Cream?
The box explain how to use the eye cream with its unique massage applicator. Use this eye cream daily. 

How to use the eye cream
My Review
This Youth Complex Eye Cream has a very unique massage applicator that you can use to massage the eye cream onto your eyes. It says that this applicator will delivers instant de-puffing action for under-eye bags to instantly awaken the eye area and promote skin circulation. So, lets see if its does that to my eyes. /hmm

The unique massage applicator
When I first press the cream out of the applicator, I notice there is no much smell to the cream and its a creamy in color. 

How the eye cream looks like.
The massage applicator is not difficult to use but I was a bit not use to it as I have never used any eye cream or eye serum with massage applicator. So I am quite excited when I first try it. /wahaha 

I followed the instruction on the box. First, I dispense a small amount of the cream onto the eye area. Then, I use the applicator to massage my eye area. I notice the cream is not oily. And just after applying, my eye area feels a little bit warm which is comfortable to me.

Well I did not see very drastic different for the first application but the eye feels smooth and hydrated the next day morning when I wake up. Other than that, no much different. But I decided to give it a few more days.

Around day 9 morning, I look into the mirror and finally see much improvement to my eye. :D My dark circles especially reduced and puffiness reduced as well. But as for the wrinkles, I think mine was fine lines, have no much different still.

Overall, I am very please and excited with the results of this Youth Complex Eye Cream. /XD As I have used quite a number of different brands of eye cream / serum but none of them gave such significant results to my eyes. 

I will recommend this eye cream to people who share the same dark circles and puffiness problem as me. Since it improve my problems, it should have some help for yours too. :)

Before applying
Day 1: After applying
Day 9 In the morning without applying anything

Where to buy?
This Rachel K Youth Complex Eye Cream can be found at selected Watsons Store (check Rachel K Facebook for the outlets) at a Retail price of S$35. International orders are available at Rachel K e-shop too.

Where to get sample?
Well I never see any sample for this Youth Complex Eye Cream but you may go like Rachel K Facebook as they do have sample giveaways sometimes for their other products. 

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post was/were samples or bought for personal use only. Reviews are for the purpose of sharing my honest personal experience only. No sponsorship and/or monetary compensation are offered. 

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