Sunday, 17 February 2013

Review: NOPS Hydro Mud Mask

NOPS Hydro Mud Mask (80g)
This week review will be on NOPS Hydro Mud Mask. This was a retail size sample given out by Venus Beauty from their Facebook Page during one of their giveaway events. It was the first time I use this kind of mud mask. Nothing very "Wow" about but did perform well on my face. :)

NOPS Hydro Mud Mask Summary 
NOPS stands for Natural Organic PlantS. It is a korea brand. You may read more about the brand from this link.

This hydro mud mask contain ideal mixture of natural mud, loess and vegetable oil that cleans off inner skin effete and supplies moisture. 

Natural mud and mineral ingredients clean skin waste off in pore. 

  •  Cleans off inner skin effete
  •  Supplies moisture
  •  Clean skin waste off in pore
  • Clarify and tighten pores
You may read more about this product from Venus Beauty Facebook.

How to use NOPS Hydro Mud Mask
After washing face, apply proper amount of it to over face avoiding eye and lips area softly. Wash off face with sponge or hands after 15-20 minutes completely. 
What it says on the box.

My Review
This was a retail size sample given out by Venus Beauty from their Facebook Page during one of their giveaway events.

It came with a nice box and container. The Mud mask is muddy in color and have a wax kind of texture. Its like Mud mixed with gelatine powder. When apply, it produces a kind of heavy oil smell which I do not quite like. 
NOPS Hydro Mud Mask

Its easy to apply onto the skin. After applying and leaving it onto the skin for 20mins, the mud dry on the skin (Not completely dry type). The whole face will feel tight. 

Its easy to apply but not easy to wash off unless you use a sponge to wash off. /sweat I have tried washing it off using hand but took me a long time to completely clean off the mud mask on my face as the mud mask gave a very smooth texture when washing off. Just like some jelly covering my face. I also tried washing off using sponge, much more easy to wash off. 

After washing off, face do feel refreshing, clean and free from oil. skin feels tight. But I kind of feel that its still not moisturizing enough for my skin. Also areas with redness and pimples is still easily visible although I do see that the redness is being reduce. 
Before Apply
When apply
After Apply
Overall I like that this NOPS Hydro Mud Mask gave my skin a refreshing, clean and tight feeling.

Where to buy it?
You may purchase this product at Venus Beauty Store (Check Venus Beauty Facebook Page for store locations) at a retail price of $39.90.  

Where to get sample?
Redemption giveaway for this product is long over. However you may still go to Venus Beauty Facebook Page and like their page for their ongoing or future redemption giveaway events.  

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post was/were samples or bought for personal use only. Reviews are for the purpose of sharing my honest personal experience only. No sponsorship and/or monetary compensation are offered.  

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