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Event: Laboratories Kéranove New Hair Care Blogger Event

Image Courtesy Fusion Cosmetics
I was invited to the launch of a new hair care brand, Laboratories Kéranove on the 21 November 2013 at The Le Restaurant.

I was pretty excited when I get to know that I will be attending this Laboratories Kéranove blogger event. 
The event is held on 21 November 2013 at The Le Restaurant by Paradise Group located at Suntec City Mall.

The place of the event is nicely decorated and have a nice ambiance. :D
Star Product: Dry / Damaged Hair (Active Wild Mango Concentrate), Oleo Color
Dry Dandruff, Oily Dandruff (Zinc Pyrithione, Aseptylamine)
Star Product: Dry / Damaged Hair (Active Wild Mango Concentrate)
Coloured Hair (Active Pomegranate Concentrate)
Whole range of Laboratories Kéranove products
Of course, being the main focus of the event, ranges of Laboratories Kéranove products are place at the middle of the long table. Products consist of shampoo, conditioner, treatment, mask and hair dye.

Training and Events Manager Nora Tien doing Introduction on the product brand.
Introduction of the whole range of hair care products
The event started out with the introduction of the Laboratories Kéranove brand, followed by the technology and natural ingredients used under the whole range of Laboratories Kéranove hair care and the introduction of each hair care range and its benefits. 

Let us now go into the details of the brand and products. 

About Kéranove 
As a brand that was sold in pharmacies and hair salons since 1966, Keranove excels as being the second most known brand in the French hair color market. Being the first brand to use the expertise of laboratories within the FMCG distribution, it quickly become a recognized and established hair expert which stands for quality guarantee for consumers.

This is also a brand under Eugene Perma Paris.

Laboratories Kéranove Product Benefits
Keranove Laboratories range of hair care, shampoo and colour specializes in and focuses
on in-depth care for the scalp and hair by combining expertise and naturality.

The unique formulas containing the patented Dermo-Kératyl™ are high in performance and has scientifically proven results.

So what's Dermo-Kératyl™ all about?
  • Rich in trace elements
  • Present in the entire range of products
  • Helps to stimulate and revitalize the scalp and hair.
  • Natural Active Ingredients with Plant Extracts.
  • Scientifically proven efficacy
  • Paraben Free
Range of Products Available
Laboratories Kéranove consist of a whole range of hair care products for different needs:

1) Dry / Damaged Hair (Star product)
  • Revitalize, Protect & Nourish
  • Active Wild Mango Concentrate: Rich in protein and lipids, it hydrates and repair effectively
  • Shampoo: Helps to repair damaged hair through frequent use (250ml, S$19.90)
  • Conditioner: Facilitate detangling and nourishes dry and sensitive hair (200ml, S$19.90)
  • Treatment: Provide dual action of repair and fiber protection to nourish and smoothen hair (5 x 10ml, S$29.90)
  • Mask: Intense hydration which leaves the hair soft and supple (250ml, S$29.90)
2) Coloured Hair
  • Extends Color Radiance
  • Active Pomegranate Concentrate: High in antioxidant, it protects hair against free radicals from UV rays
  • Shampoo: Helps to keep hair colour bright and lasting and protect it from UV radiation (250ml, S$19.90)
  • Conditioner: Facilitates detangling, preserves colour vibrancy and shine (200ml, S$19.90)
  • Treatment: Revitalizes and protects the hair bulb, providing lasting hair colour (5 x 10ml, S$29.90)
  • Mask: Reveals colour shine and prevent oxidative attacks on the hair (250ml, S$29.90)
3)  Dry Dandruff
  • Balance & Care
  • Zinc Pyrithione: Stops the production of dandruff and protects the scalp while it hydrates and soothes
  • Shampoo: Prevents the growth of yeast while balancing and soothing the scalp (250ml, S$19.90)
  • Treatment: Intensive care to eliminate dandruff and prevents it from reappearing (5 x 10ml, S$29.90)
4)  Oily Dandruff
  • Balance & Purify
  • Aseptylamine: Antibacterial and anti-irritant properties stabilizes the scalp and regulate sebum secretion
  • Shampoo: Anti-micro bacterial properties cleanses scalp and regulates excess sebum and dandruff (250ml, S$19.90)
5)   Hair Loss Treatment
  • Strengthens & Densifies
  • Trichodyn: Combines exotic wood, glutamic acid and sodium succinate to stimulate, repair, protect the scalp and prevent hair loss
  • Shampoo: Revitalizes hair and scalp and provides shine to hair (250ml, S$19.90)
  • Treatment: Helps to stop hair loss, promotes hair growth and revive shine to hair (5 x 10ml, S$39.90)
6)  Thinning Hair
  • Densify & Volumize
  • Soya Protein Concentrate: Covers hair with protective film and increase strength
  • Shampoo: Adds volume and shine to hair without weighing it down (250ml, S$19.90)
  • Treatment: Densify fine hair to give it volume and shine (5 x 10ml, S$29.90)
7)  Oily Hair
  • Purifies and Soothes
  • Meadowsweet Active Concentrate: Rich in phenolic acid which restores balance
    of the scalp and regulate sebum secretion
  • Shampoo: Eliminates excess sebum for light and soft hair (250ml, S$19.90)
  • Conditioner: Helps to purify scalp and detangles hair (200ml, S$19.90)
8) Normal hair
  • Revitalize, Protect and Nourish
  • Active Chufa Sedge Concentrate: Rich in oleic acid and tocopherols to nourish and protect
  • Shampoo: Gives the hair natural protective and nutritional properties (250ml, S$19.90)
Oleo Hair Color Range
There is also Oleo Hair Color: 
  • DIY Permanent Color Treatment
  • Ammonia-free, paraben-free and odour-free natural long lasting hair colour S$24.90 (each) 
Laboratories Kéranove is exclusively available at Watsons only

From what I see, it is an affordable and harmless hair care products that is worth investing. :)

Alright, back to the event. During the event we get to try out the hair care treatment, smell and see the texture of the hair care products. 

How the hair care treatment package look like. Re-capable tube. 
Hair care treatment.
A model was also present to try out the Oleo Hair Color hair dye on the spot. As compare to her before hair dye, her hair feels smoother after the hair dye. And also her hair was nicely and evenly dyed. 

Nora Tien showing the mixing of hair dye.
Odourless Oleo Hair Color hair dye.
Model showing her after dyed hair.
Let us now divert our attention to something else, Food! /XD 

During the event, dinner was served by Le Restaurant. The food look nice and taste delicious. :)

Berries Overloaded Iced Tea
Delicious dinner served during the event.
Dessert to end the event.
I was also given the Laboratories Kéranove star product hair care, which is the Dry / Damage Hair Shampoo and Conditioner to bring home and try. :D

Dry / Damage Hair Shampoo and Conditioner to bring home and try.
Thanks to Fusion Cosmetics for holding such a nice event. I have a fun and fulfilling evening learning new hair care products and having nice food. From the range of hair care products, I really like the smell of the Dry / Damage Hair range. Very strong mango smell. :D Can't wait to try them out :)

PS: I will also be doing review on the Laboratories Kéranove Dry / Damage Hair Shampoo and Conditioner in a separate blog post after I have try them out. So stay tune!  

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by Fusion Cosmetics for the new product sharing purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event. 


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