Monday, 10 March 2014

Free Sample: Sample Store Free Delivery Sponsored Samples

Redeem Free Delivery Free Sponsored Samples from Sample Store.On the date that this is posted, there are 8 Free Delivery Samples. 

Sample Store will constantly update their system with free delivery samples as well as samples requiring a delivery fee of S$5.99. So make sure you check back often so you do not miss any Free delivery samples. :D

How to get them?
  1. Register a Sample Store Account.
  2. Login and go to Sponsored Samples.
  3. Check out 4 samples. (Each check out allow max 4 samples, and each sample requires 2 points)
  4. Samples will be delivered to you. 
  5. Use it and then come back to review the product by rating them. This will earn you 2 points for future redemption.
  • Registration is only limited to persons who hold a Singapore postal mailing address.
  • Each check out allow max of 4 samples.
  • Checkout sponsored samples (Free Delivery) requires no charges at all. 
  • Non-sponsored samples, each check out cost S$5.99.
  • Each sample check out requires 2 points. So each check out with 4 samples,  requires 8 points. 
How to earn points?
  1. Login to Sample Store. 
  2. View products available in Sample Store by clicking the left menu. 
  3. Find products you have used before and click on the "Review" button.
  4. Complete the rating and comments for the product and submit. 
  5. 2 points will be earned for each sample reviewed.

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