Saturday, 5 July 2014

Free Sample: Black Box - Free Bi-Monthly Sampling Box

The Black Package you have just seen is a Free Bi-monthly Sampling Box call Black Box. This is the June 2014 Black Box given. 

Frankly speaking, I am pretty reluctant to post about black box any more. Reason being:
  1. After it has changed to balloting policy (1 Balloting chance per user) for every bi-monthly box, it became a $$ sucking Box that always asked their subscriber to pay S$6 for the Box to secure one when most of the samples can be taken for free. Balloting successful for the box became very very difficult and almost always not successful at all times.
  2. Well, the samples in the box have been getting lesser and lesser. The first box I get from them contain at least 8 items. Now only 5 items left. 
Well I leave it up to you all to decide. My opinion is that do not pay the S$6 for this black box. it is totally not worth the $$. Just go for the balloting every bi-monthly box. If you win it, then its just a bonus. That way you won't feel so sad if its not successful. 

They will always use the excuse "S$6 is for paying the delivery fee, not the items inside". Since you label yourself as a free bi-monthly box and for the same items, some people need to pay and some do not need??!! It make no sense to me to reserve some boxes and suck $$ from subscriber. Should all be made available for free. 

Ok enough of my long winded complain. Let me show you the black box that is won by my family member, not me. (Yes, like I have said I never ever success in any of the balloting.)

If you have seen black box before, yes you are right. They have change their packaging.
Items found inside
Items inside:
  1. Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect (50g)
  2. Sexy Look Duo Lifting Mask (1 piece)
  3. Klarity CC Miracle White Lotion (5ml)
  4. Phytokeratine Reparative Shampoo (50ml)
  5. Tealy Tea Sample (1 sachet redemption via online)
What is written on the bag.
I have redeemed the Tealy Tea Sample (Kagoshima Japan Ginger Tea)

Ginger Tea redeemed separately.
You may subscribe to Black Box for Free at

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