Saturday, 23 August 2014

Event: Channel 8 Eversoft White Fair Skin and Sun Protection Workshop

I have actually won the chance to attend the Mediacorp Channel 8 Facebook Friends Event, Eversoft White Fair Skin and Sun Protection Workshop held at Fullhouse Signature on 13 July 2014. 
The building Fullhouse Signature is located.
Outside the lift of the building.
Workshop held at Fullhouse Signature
The front door of Fullhouse Signature.
The workshop is presented by Eversoft and Mediacorp Channel 8, hosted by Yes 93.3 FM DJ Cai Weibin and there are special bloggers guest too. 

There are full of Eversoft products placed on the table that we are seated. 
Tables readily set.
Products to be tested during the workshop.
The stage is all readily set up. 
Stage readily set too.
The event started off with a short quiz followed by conveying the important of sun protection. 
Event started off.
After that, we are introduce to Eversoft products and we followed a step by step hands on using Eversoft products from cleansing right up to applying BB Cream. 
Talking about Sun Protection.
Eversoft Sunscreen Lotion.
How does RGA Work.
Show us how to apply the products.
Trying out the products.
That is not the end of the workshop, 4 famous beautiful bloggers also share with us how to take nice pictures. :)
4 famous beautiful bloggers sharing with us how to take nice photos.
Then the part where everybody is waiting for, eating time!!! We are serve with nice foods and drinks. 
Drinks served.
Foods served.
Foods served.
Fruits served.
It ended with all of us going home with a goodies bag each. :)
Goodies bag given.

What is inside the goodies bag.
Disclaimer: I won the chance to attend this workshop for new products learning purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this workshop.

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