Saturday, 23 August 2014

Event: Kinohimitsu Beauty Mocktail Concoction Workshop

Kinohimitsu were having a product roadshow at Plaza Singapura main atrium from 4 to 10 August 2014. I have sign up for the Kinohimitsu Beauty Mocktail Concoction Workshop held on the 10th of August 2014 at 2pm. 

The workshop itself is held at the main atrium itself, where the roadshow is. 
Workshop is held at PS atrium.
A mini bar is setup with a few standing tables. 
Standing tables set up.
Mini Bar.
Mini Bar.
Nothing very long winded about the workshop. The workshop is about making mocktail itself. We were each given a set of Kinohimitsu products (Uv-Bright, Collagen Beauty, BB Drink, Diamond Nite and Diamond Collagen) and a mocktail kit. 
Kinohimitsu Products
Mocktail Kit
I was there at the workshop with my mum, so we have 2 sets. :)

The workshop started off with the bartender showing us how to make a glass of tasty and nice looking mocktail using juices and Kinohimitsu beauty drink products. 

Its now up to us to mix our cocktail and decorate it with the fruits given. We are also to name our glass of mocktail too. 
Fruits given for decoration.
In the process of mixing.
All of us at the workshop really did have a fun time tasting the Kinohimitsu beauty drinks before deciding what to mix. Free beauty drinks time!! hehehe..... We did have fun mixing the mocktail too. 

Now we know the Kinohimitsu beauty drinks can be mix and drink this way too. But drinking by itself is actually already tasty to me. No need to mix with other juice lah. Below is the end product from my mum and me. :)
End product from my mum and me.
At the end of the day, its judges decision on who win the 3 prizes. 
3 prizes to be given away.
My mum was so delighted to win the most creative award. :)
My Mum wins award. (ops, my mum wants her face to be a secret)
The award my mum won.
All of us left with a goodies bag containing Kinohimitsu products. Best of all, the remaining Kinohimitsu beauty drink that we did not use in the mocktail, we are allowed to bring home. :) 
Goodies Bag given.
Those who attended the workshop were given double chances to spin the wheel with purchase of Kinohimitsu products after the workshop. Yeah! 
Spin the wheel with purchase.
hm....Did I forget something? The mocktail? Of course we finished it off! There are lots of Kinohimitsu collagen drink we mix inside. We finish every drop of it and went home with a "diong diong" skin that day. :D

Disclaimer: I sign up to attend this workshop for new product learning purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this workshop

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