Monday, 18 August 2014

Event: SILKYGIRL BB Makeup Workshop

I have attended SILKYGIRL BB Makeup Workshop at Watsons Office @Fuji Xerox Towers on 4 July 2014 morning. 

It was an excited morning, attending the workshop together with my blogger friend, Rena (Revamp Spunky Rena). Although I do feel a little lazy and a little sleepy to wake up so early to attend workshop. :)

It was my first time visiting Watsons Office @Fuji Xerox Tower. Forgive me for not taking a picture of this very cozy waiting corner, but I must mention this area. As we are pretty early, the workshop is not readily setup yet. So we are made to sit at the waiting area. This waiting area actually look like a mini shop. Besides comfortable chairs and TV which made you feel sitting at your home living room, it consist of a few shelves of products and a mini cashier. A pretty cozy area for their staff indeed. :)

Ok, enough of my long winded talks. Lets get to the detail of the workshop. 

Immediately when we are brought into the workshop training room when its ready, we saw lots of SILKYGIRL products laying on each table. And while waiting for the rest to come, I am busy taking pictures of these products. 
Lots of SILKYGIRL products to be use during the workshop.
Slides and makeup products ready for workshop to begin.
As usual, the workshops started out with slides introducing makeup benefits and makeup steps. This follows with step by step makeup hands-on session.
Makeup Benefits slides
Makeup Steps Slides
How to conceal and highlight.
Doing Eye Shadow.
There is however something different from this makeup workshop with those I attended previously. Usually in workshop, the trainer will show how to put on the makeup with the help of a model sitting in front of everyone. But for this workshop, the trainer herself sit in front and show us really how to apply the makeup onto herself. 
Demo by trainer on applying makeup onto herself. Just like what we will hands on.
This is really good because how to apply for others and how to apply onto our own face is really different. And in fact I do find it difficult to apply onto myself just by watching how the trainer apply onto the model. The way to hold the makeups is really way different. So I really like it when the trainer demo it onto her own face. Just the way we will hands-on after her demo. Brilliant!
Demo by trainer on applying makeup onto herself. Just like what we will hands on.
Demo by trainer on applying makeup onto herself. Just like what we will hands on.
In the workshop, we not only learn how to conceal and highlight, we did simple eye shadow and smokey eye shadow. But I guess I am not good in eye shadow really because my smokey eye shadow fail badly. :(
Simple eye shadow
Smokey eye shadow.
Of course, it ended with photo taking. But one thing missing, there is no refreshment for this workshop. I was so hungry after the workshop.
Photo taking at the end of the workshop.
We are each given a goodies bag full of SILKYGIRL products too.
Goodies Bag
Items in the Goodies Bag.

Disclaimer: I sign up to attend this workshop for products learning purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this workshop.

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