Sunday, 19 April 2015

Review: Chupa Chups Kiss Me Lip Balm (Pudding Flavour)

Chupa Chups Kiss Me Lip Balm (6g)
Today review is on Chupa Chups Kiss Me Lip Balm (Pudding Flavour).

This lip balm is a little special to me. It smell like chocolate or vanilla Chupa Chups sweets. Feels like food to me not lip balm. :) Other then that, it is a normal lip balm that does moisturize the lip. 

Chupa Chups Kiss Me Lip Balm (Pudding Flavour) Summary
This is a limited edition product from Japan that comes in 5 different flavours. 

Its a creamy balm with a lush of pudding flavour. It contain squalane to prevent cracked and dry lips for long lasting moisture and suppleness. 
Lip balm information in Japanese language.
How to use Chupa Chups Kiss Me Lip Balm?
Apply with clean fingertips or a lip brush. 

My Review
Don't really remember how I get this product. Should be one of the product given from events or goodies bag. :)

The first impression is that Chupa Chups??!! Isn't it a lollipop brand. They have lip balm too?? well lets find out.

The packaging looks really attractive to me. First look I thought its a sweet if not for the big "Lip Balm' wording. 
Lip balm package.
Lip Balm container.
The lip balm flavour is pudding. So the moment I open the cap, I smell chocolate or vanilla. It smells like Chupa Chups sweets. Feels really food to me. One thing that comes to my mind, will ants come and look for me at night if I apply it. LOL
How the lip balm looks like.
The lip balm is colorless and feels a bit sticky. 
Lip balm is colorless.
Although it smells like chocolate or vanilla, it does not taste like it. It's in fact tasteless when I try to use my tongue to go over my lips.

Other then this, this is just a normal lip balm. It does moisturise my lip, preventing it from drying. :)
Where to buy it?
It used to be available in Watsons for S$11.90. But now I don't see them in Watsons anymore. But saw it in online shops like ebay and Qoo. 

Where to get samples?
Nope. No sample for this product. :( 

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