Monday, 11 May 2015

Event: Nail Art Workshop: Depend Cosmetic by Meclub

Its been long since I attend any events or workshops. hehe.... pretty lazy to attend. Mediacorp's Meclub had a Nail Art Workshop for redemption last month. Well, kind of fun by looking at the itinerary list for the workshop. So I decided to redeem a pair of tickets to the workshop.

The Nail Art Workshop: Depend Cosmetic courtesy of Mediacorp's Meclub as well as Depend Cosmetic was held at Watsons HQ Fuji Towers on 24 April 2015. 

Its a pair of tickets to the workshop. So I dated my other blogger friend Rena to the workshop. 
Went with my best buddy Rena.
The moment we step into the room where the workshop was held, we do what we like best, eat!!! As its still early, we feast on the Twelve Cupcakes prepared for us. 
Twelve Cupcakes to serve us. Yummy!
After placing the delicious Twelve Cupcakes into my stomach, its work time!

The workshop is totally hands-on. No powerpoint slides and talking non stop. Its just simple instructions, step by step and then hands-on. At the end of the day, all of us will go home with nicely painted nails by our-selves using Depend Cosmetic's GelLack that will last up to 3 weeks. (well, 3 weeks is what they say. We shall see.) 

No need to go nail salon anymore. We can do our own pro nails just at home. :)

Ok, lets begin!

Our table is lay with Depend Cosmetic's GelLack products. 
Table all ready prepared.
Depend GelLack Products.
Depend GelLack Nail Polish.
Depend GelLack LED Lamp.
We first learn basic manicure and pedicure technique. Select the right nail shape (Square, round and oval) and color according to our hands. But for me, well, I just choose whatever shape I feel comfortable to me.

Next we learn how to shape our nails and cuticles. We learn that we don't remove the cuticles as they are there to protect our nail matrix. We just gently push them in so that the nail polish can be painted nicely in shape.
False nails use for practicing.
After shaping and filing our nails. We are all ready to start our nail painting. 
My nails before anything is done.
Before we can even paint the nails with colors, we do the cleansing first.
Depend GelLack Nails and cuticles cleanser.
Massaging the nails cuticles area using the Nails and cuticles cleanser.
Use the Before/After Cleanser.
Using a stronger cotton pat.
My nails after all the cleansing work. All ready to start painting.
Next we start with the Base coat. We first paint the 4 fingers of one hand, bake in the Depend GelLack LED Lamp for 30 seconds. Then Do the same to the 4 fingers of the other hand and lastly we do it for our 2 thumbs. 
Base Coat.
With base coat before baking in LED Lamp.
Baking my nails under the LED Lamps for 30 seconds.
After nail is baked in the LED Lamp.
After the base coat, we are all ready to start with our first coating of colors. 

I have chosen blink blink gold color.
Goldie gold for the nail color. Gold night glitters for the top nail portion.
I don't really paint nails often. So what is good about this nail polish is that it does not dry up so easily. After I paint it on the nail, I can clean those parts that I accidentally paint out of nails. I can also slowly touch up to even out the color. 

As long as I did not bake the nail under the LED lamp, everything can be adjust until I like without the fear its going to dry up. Its only going to be permanent (as long as we don't use nail remover) until I finish baking it in the LED Lamp. Very good for beginners really. 

Ok Back to my nails. I repeated the steps of paint, adjust, bake for 3 coating of the gold color nail I choose. 
Goldie Gold color.
After First coating.
After 3 coating.
After I am happy with the nail colors, we go on to nail art painting. 

But we don't really have time left for nail art. So I only did paint some gold night glitters on my top nail portion to give it a special finish. 
Paint some gold night glitters on my top nail portion.
Then its off to finishing it with the top coat. 
Top Coat.
After which, we will need to wait for 30 seconds for everything to settle down before we clean our sticky nails with the After cleanser. 
Clean off the stickiness with Before/After Cleanser.
After cleansing to remove the stickiness, we apply the nail oil and cream. 
Apply nail oil for protection.
Apply nail cream.
And Ta Da!!!! Very nicely finished nails that look really pro isn't it. I can't believe its done by me. So pretty!
Finished Nails.
And my buddy Rena painted her nails differently. Also very pro and pretty. 
My buddy Rena's finished nails.
We can start a nail salon at home already. Strictly by appointment

And thanks to Mediacorp Meclub and Depend Cosmetic, we all go home with these nails essential tools goodies bag too. 
Goodies bag to bring home.
And Rena and I can't help starring at our own beautiful nails all the way in the MRT until we reach home. 

And the nails color last really long. Its still as shine and pretty. Just some peeling off at the cuticles areas after 2 weeks of my rough action. 
After 2 weeks, nail color still as shine and beautiful. Just a little peel at the cuticles area.
My verdict, its a good nail polish set to invest for those really into nails. :) The products can be found at Watsons Bugis, Vivo and Nex as well as online Depend Cosmetic Website

Disclaimer: I sign up to attend this workshop for new product learning purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this workshop.

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