Monday, 31 August 2015

Event: Soap Making Workshop

Hello everyone! I had a soapy Saturday (29 Aug 2015) afternoon at Orchard Central. What did I do? I attended a Soap Making Workshop by Shea and Orchard Central.

So what exactly did I do there? Well lets find out!

I was pretty early. So as usual take pictures time!
Registration Corner.
Goodies bag.
All ready for the workshop.
Stage is all ready.
Had my photo taken at the photo booth too. :)
The workshop started with some introduction on soap and soap making. So let me talk a little about that. :)
Host for the day.
Introduction to soap and soap making.
Summary of Soap
Most soaps and shower gel now a days are not fully soap anymore. They are blended with chemicals which can affect our skin and health in the long run.
About soap and making soap.
In this workshop, we handmade soap that do not have stuff not to be there such as harmful chemicals. The soap used by Shea are rich, nourishing and safe.

Stuff not wanted in soap and cannot be found in the soap Shea used:
  • Sulphates like SLS and SLeS and etc
  • EDTA
  • Parabens
  • Pthalates
Things not wanted in soap.
Good knowledge to know before we begin making soap. And now we shall start making soap! Yeah!!!
Items needed for the soap making.
Each of us are given a block of soap base. There are 2 types: Shea Butter Base and High Glycerine Base. The one I used is Shea Butter Base.
Shea Butter Base
First step is to cut the soap base into smaller pieces. And wow! the soap base are so hard its so difficult to cut. I need to go gym and train up big big hand muscle man! But still I manage to cut them into smaller pieces.
After cutting into smaller pieces.
Next we are told to pick our skin safe colouring and essential oil. I picked red colour and heavenly honeysuckle essential oil.
Pick skin safe coloring and essential oil.
Heavenly honeysuckle essential oil chosen.
Chosen color cube and essential oil.
Then the cut up soap base is bring over to the boiler for double boiling to melt them.
All the cut up soap base.
Shea Shop boss helping to melt the soap base on our behalf.
We are each then given a cup of melted soap base to mix with the skin safe colouring and essential oil. Well, the melted soap base really look like yogurt to me. Please don't drink it. 
Melted soap base.
After mixing well without creating much foam, its ready to be pour into the mold given. Errr...look like berries yogurt!
After mixing with color cube and essential oil. Look like berries yogurt really!
Mold used.
After pouring the mixed soap base into the mold.
Yeah! Can't wait for it to be done. :) But there are more steps before its done.

Its suppose to rest to be harden naturally before its ready. But it takes 4 days to be done! OMG!!! We only have this hour and half is already gone. So how?

The process is quicken by placing the mold into the freezer for 10mins. Before placing it into the freezer, we spray a little rubbing alcohol onto the surface of the soap in the mold so as to removes bubbles.
Spray rubbing alcohol onto the surface of the soap in the mold.
Ok! My soap is ready to be put into freezer.
Ready to put into freezer to fasten the process.
30 minutes later when I returned back, my soap is already unmold by Shea's staff and pack nicely in a zip lock bag for me to bring home. Yippy!!!
My Soap done!!!
Oh yes.....I was told not to use it first. I was told to let it sit for 4 days before I unwrap, remove excess glycerine crystals on the soap and I am then ready to use it.

This workshop is so fun. I finally get to make my beginner's soap. Not bad right. :)

End of the day, I get to bring home not only the soap I made, I get a bag of goodies bag too.
Goodies bag to bring home.
2 vouchers inside the goodies bag.
Tada!!! The soap I made! Can't wait to use them.
Before going home, I used up 2 of the vouchers found inside. I redeemed my free ice- cream from YiLi PaoPao Ice (Yummy!!!) and I used up the Shea S$10 voucher on Shea cold process soap. Spiced Butter Soap chosen coz of the nice lime smell.
Ice cream from YiLi PaoPao Ice (Peach and Passion Fruit flavour)
Shea's cold process soap bought nicely wrapped.
The one in the middle with the star is what I bought.
I heard you! You find it fun too and want to try also? Well, Shea do have courses for making soap. You may sign up with them and have fun.
Soap making courses.
Still not enough and want to do more at home? They have soap making kit selling at their shop in Orchard Central. You may buy from them and DIY at home. :)

Visit Shea Website for more information.
Shea Shop at Orchard Central B2.

Disclaimer: I sign up to attend this workshop for product learning purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this workshop.

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