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E-Store: Que Origin

Que Origin
On 7 Jan 2015, 1pm, a new brand of shower products was launch in Singapore at their on-line Store, Que Origin
Que Origin Online Store
Quality, natural and affordable shower gel is always welcoming.

I was pretty excited to return home on a Friday evening, to see a beautiful package specially for me. :) Thank to Que Origin for sending their shower gel products in a nice gift box. One of the bottle is even customize with my blog logo and address printed. And a personalize card is also specially made for me. I really love this surprise. :)
Gift Box received from Que Origin.
Que Origin Shower Gel with one of the bottle customized and a personalized card.
As mention, Que Origin is newly launch. So let me tell you more about what its all about so that you can be as excited as I am. :D

Nowadays when people buy products, they start to look more at the ingredients and find out what exactly it's made up of and whether its harmful to use in the long run.

Well, you will be excited to know that Que Origin fulfill what you are looking for. Why do I say that?

At Que Origin, they embrace in the healing power of nature and source for wholesome natural ingredients for making their shower gel products.
About Que Origin.
Each shower gel consist of the goodness of the following:
  • carefully picked naturally derived ingredients: Aloe Vera, Argan oil and potent botanical extracts.
  • an Infusion of natural essential oils from Australia: Lavender, Rose Geranium, Argan, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass
And most importantly, its absent of the harmful following:
What's in and what's out.
Wow!!! That's really a long harmful list. I'm glad it's not used in Que Origin. Are you glad to hear that too?

Currently, there are 3 types of Que Origin Shower Gel products on sale at their E-Store:
Que Origin Products Page
At Que Origin, their shower gel also doubling as bubble bath, is infused with natural essential oil carefully picked from Australia and also other natural ingredients. You may find out more able the details of each at Que Origin Products Page.

They have 2 sizes to the shower gel, 250ml (S$7.90 per bottle) and 750ml (S$14.80 per bottle) for you to choose from.
3 type of shower gel (250ml bottle) from left to right: Rose geranium, Lavender (in customized bottle), Lemongrass.
You already seen the customized bottle of shower gel that Que Origin sent me. Envy or wanted to gift it to someone personalized your way? Well, you will be happy to know that you can do it too.
Personalized bottle of shower gel and card received.
You may customize your own 250ml bottle of shower gel too. Each bottle costed S$10.90. And if you need it to be packed in the nice gift box like I have received, its charged at S$2 for 1 bottle. But it will be Free if you bundles 2 bottles or more. Each gift box can hold 3 bottles of shower gel.

Interested already? How to do it? Its easy! 4 steps: Choose bottle option, Upload image, Enter text and Choose scents. You may do it Que Origin Customize Page.
Personalized your Shower!
Que Origin Customize Page

That's not all! Besides healthy, personalized and affordable shower gel, you get rewarded too for buying at Que Origin Online Store.

When you make a purchase at Que Origin, you will received the following:
  • Happy Voucher: To utilize on your next purchase. S$3 happy voucher will be given for purchase $10 and above and $1 happy voucher for purchase below $10. 
  • Jigsaw Puzzle: Complete the Whole puzzle (20 pieces) within a year from your first purchase to receive a S$10 reward voucher. 4 puzzles given for 750ml purchased and 2 puzzles given for 250ml purchase.
Que Origin Reward Page
I'm not done yet, there's more!!! Since you are my beloved fans, you will get a $5 discount off purchase S$10 and above or a S$3 discount off purchase below S$10 if you use my unique code theswanple for your first time order.
Discount off for first time order using my unique code "theswanple"
How about shipping fee? For purchase above S$25, free delivery is given and for purchase below S$25, a fee of S$5 is charged. Shipping is within Singapore only.

As excited as I am already? Then what are you waiting for? Go Que Origin Online Store and start your purchase now. Happy shopping everyone.

You may want to like Que Origin Facebook page too.

Thanks Que Origin for pampering me with your shower gel in such a special way. :)

PS: I will be doing a separate review of the Que Origin shower gel products after I used them. So do look out for it on my blog then!

Disclaimer: Product(s) was/were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

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