Sunday, 11 September 2016

Campaign: The Giftopia Movement

The Giftopia Movement.
When is the last time you use your pen to write down your thoughts, your thankfulness, your love and feelings on a postcard to someone special or makes a different in your life? 

That personal touch and the feeling of waiting for the postman to come and deliver any letters and postcards to your mail box.

While, for me, its way back to my schools days when technology and social media is not that advance yet, which is a long time ago. 

Starting this month, let me bring you back in time with The Giftopia Movement. 

About The Giftopia Movement
Long story short, the meaning behind The Giftopia Movement is to bring you back in time where we write our thoughts and feelings to our love once through snail mail.

The days when technology not yet take over our life. When our communication was done through writing and posting.

The Giftopia Movement is thus born. Embracing the spirit of giving.

Watch the touching Giftopia story below. 

How to join the Giftopia movement?
Come join me! Surprise your love once with a small postcard with your love and feeling written on it.

How to? Its very simple.Just write, post and repeat!
Just write, post and repeat!
Don't forget to invite your love ones to join too by taking pictures or videos and post them on your social media with #Giftopia and #samplestore.
How to join.
Where to get the Postcard?
Oh almost forgot to tell you where to get these lovely postcards.

They can be bought at SampleStore website

There are a total of 24 postcards design for you to choose from. What's best is that the postcards are all prepaid!!! Yes! Meaning you need not worry about stamps. Just write and post them!! Yeah!
24 Postcards Design for you to choose from.
They came in a set of 3. Each week, 1 set (3 postcards) of postcard collection will be available at SampleStore website for you to purchase.

Product: A set of Giftopia postcards (1 set consist of 3 postcards)
Price: S$5 for 1 set
Location to buy: SampleStore Website
Note: Postcards are all prepaid. No need stamp. Just write and post.

They are lovely isn't it? :)

The first 3 set are already available at Samplestore.

Giftopia Postcard Collection Set 1:
Giftopia Postcard Collection Set 1
Giftopia Postcard Collection Set 2:
Giftopia Postcard Collection Set 2
Giftopia Postcard Collection Set 3:
Giftopia Postcard Collection Set 3
Rest of the postcard for the next 5 weeks.
Rest of the 5 set of postcards.
Not to forget, there is a secret message of 24 words hidden in each of the 24 postcards. Win attractive message for the first person to unravel this secret message. Go to The Giftopia Movement website for more information. 

All right, I will end this blog post with my video on my thought on Giftopia Movement (Erm...please forgive my nervousness...this is my very first time video recording. :P)
Start your Giftopia movement together with me and your love ones now!

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