Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Event: Etude House Life Is Sweet Carnival

Throwback to last month, I was privilege to be picked as a winner by Etude House to attend Desmond Tan (陈泂江) meet fans session at Etude House Life Is Sweet Carnival on 16 Oct 2016.

It was a really fun day to play games, win prizes and also meet TV star together with my blog buddy, Rena, my partner for the event. :)

When I arrive at the venue, wow.....so pink!!! The stage is decorated into a pink house and Carnival booth was also in the same pink Etude House
Carnival booth.
As always, we were early, so after registration, we go straight to Etude House Life Is Sweet Carnival game booth to start playing the games installed, with the Pink Passport given to us.
Pink Passport given.
We were supposed to collect 5 stamps in order to get our goodies bag. 
Collect 5 stamps in order to get goodies bag.
Yeehaa!!! I love to play games. Let me walk you through the booth we did that day. 

First and Second Stamp: Flying Dart and Lord Of The Ring
Play flying dart to win a prize and nope I did not hit bull eye. But I still manage to win a prize by hitting on the purple area with prize.
Flying dart booth.
Prize won by playing flying dart.
Throw a ring to the hook. Look at what I won. :)
Lord of the ring booth.
Prize won by playing lord of the ring.
Third Stamp: Catch Me If You Can
Catch a ticket that are flying from inside an enclose box and win. 
Catch me if you can booth.
Caught a green ticket.
Lucky me won an Etude House drinking bottle. :)
Prize won by playing catch me if you can.
Fourth and Fifth Stamp: Sweet Treats and Sweet Photo Booth
Sweet treats booth is as simple as just go to the booth and redeem a sweet treat they have. Well, only pop corns left. :(
Sweet treats booth.
Last booth, photo taking time. My buddy and I took a photo of our pretty face at their booth. 
Taking pictures at the photo booth.
Hurray!!! Our goodies bag collected!!!
Goodies bag collected.
Back to the event, we finally get to meet the handsome Desmond Tan and go home with us another goodies bag prepared for all attendees
Desmond Tan (陈泂江)
Goodies bag prepared for attendees of the meet the fans session.
Yeah!!!! Happy us went home with lots of goodies!!!! 
Goodies bag and prizes from the carnival booths.
Goodies bag from meet the fans session.
Disclaimer: Event attended for personal purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event.

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