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Last 2016 Post: Thank You And Hapy New Year!

Its going to be the last few hours to the end of 2016. Here, allow me to thank everyone who visited and liked my blog, sponsors for the opportunity given.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Let me end last 2016 post with a time lapse of my Mini Cooper building process. So this is what I do when I am not beauty blogging.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Review: My New Eye Products Experience With Sephora Online

My New Eye Products Experience
Its the month of joy, celebrations and giving. There are sales everywhere in stores and you have a long shopping list and many parties to attend but just no time

Well don't worry. There is always something call online store where you can shop for items you need at your own time in the comfort of your home sofa but still enjoy discounts

For me, you might have already notice that I have very little sharing post on eye products especially eye makeup products on my blog. Party time is coming and I have no proper eye products to use!!! -_-'''

Thanks to Sephora online store, I get to shop for a whole range of awesome eye products that they have at the comfort of my home with my busy schedule
Sephora online store
I was pretty impressed as my order came delivered pretty fast. So what eye products did I buy
What eye products did I buy? Lets unwrap together with Mr Poop!
Without further ado, let's unwrap and rock and roll with me!!!

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream
Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream (14g)
We must have a healthy eye contour before we can "paint" them. Therefore the first product I choose is Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream. 

  • Lock in moisture around delicate eye area with hyaluronic acid. 
  • Light weight
  • Creamy white texture.
  • Non greasy 
  • Non sticky
  • fragrance free 
  •  Apply small amount around eye contour area. 
  • S$30 for 14g
My Review
This is the first time I am using Mario Badescu product and my first hyaluronic eye cream. The product came in a 14g tub and properly sealed. 
Came properly sealed.
I seldom use cream eye product as I always feel that it is too greasy. But this eye cream from Mario Badescu feels really light-weight and non greasy to me. 
Light-weight and non greasy and non-sticky.
I like it that I just have to use very little amount for each eye contour. Which means 1 tub can last me for quite long. :)

I must say, this hyaluronic eye cream did soften and moisturized my eye contour, making it easier for makeup application

However, it does not work on dark eye circles and eye bag. Therefore I personally felt that it is good to treat this product as an add on to my current eye care regiments that lack the moisturizing effect.

Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch
Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch (5 pairs)
I am a person who cannot do without mask and a healthy eye care should not lack the use of eye mask as well. Therefore, the second product I choose is Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch. 

  • Increase elasticity improvement
  • Moisture balance and nutrition supply
  • Skin calming effect
  • Wrinkle refinement
  • Reduce imperfection like dark circles, puffiness and fine lines
  • Paraben (preservative) Free, Mineral Oil Free, Silicon Free, Artificial Pigment (colorant) Free 
  • Gel Patch
  • Cooling
  • Soothing
  1. Cleanse skin. 
  2. Remove protective covers. 
  3. Place mask under eye area and leave it on for 20 - 40 minutes.
  4. Remove mask and tap slightly for remaining serum to fully absorb.    
  • S$17 for 5 pairs per box
My Review
One box of Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch consist of 5 pairs. 
Came in a box of 5 pairs.
Each pairs are placed in a plastic cover and sandwich between a white and a transparent plastic.
Placed in plastic cover.
Sandwich between a white and a transparent plastic.
The eye mask came in a transparent jelly-like patch. The serum on the patch is not those watery type.
Gel-like texture.
During application, the eye mask feels really cooling and comfortable. 
During application.
Of course, this is no magic mask but with only 1 application, my eye area is moisturized, dark circle reduce slightly and overall looks better.  
Before and after use.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
After eye caring, its time to start dolling up the eye area. Lets begin with the eyebrow. For this, I have chosen NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. 

  • Dark Brown / Brown (Chosen for this review) 
  • Slanted brush
  • Spoolie brush
  • Wax tool
  • Pair of eyebrow powder
  1. Use the spoolie brush to comb eyebrow. 
  2. Dip the slanted brush with wax and coat brows to set the shape.
  3. Use slanted brush to brush on the powder and fill brows with soft strokes. 
  4. Clean up mistakes and use spoolie brush again to blend the brow. 
  • S$12 for 1 set
My Review
I have always been using eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow cake powder is my first time and I am really excited to try it. 

NYX eyebrow cake powder came in an easy to carry case. 
Came in an easy to carry case.
One thing good is that brushes is given. I do not have to buy brushes separately. :)
Brushes given.
For me, I have chosen dark brown and brown color which is the color I always apply.
From Left: Wax, Dark brown, brown.
This eyebrow cake powder is really easy to apply. The effect I can say as compare to those pencil one is way better. 
Easy to apply.
It look very natural as compare to pencil one. 
Left eyebrow without makeup, right eyebrow with makeup.
My eyebrow look so pretty now after using. :) And it does last long enough till the end of the day.
After application.

Sephora Collection Palette To Go
Sephora Collection Palette To Go
Next we move on to eye shadow.I don't always apply eye shadow. Therefore I would like to look natural with eye shadow applied. Sephora Collection Palette To Go is chosen. 

  • Neutral and Intense
  • 2 nude eye shadow
  • 2 smokey eye shadow 
  • 2 lip shades
  • 1 blush
  1. Apply lightest shade to all over lid.
  2. Apply darkest shade from crease to the lashes. 
  • S$16 for 1 set
Makeup Tips.
My Review
Sephora Collection Palette To Go came in a very convenient and nice casing. Easy enough for me to bring around.
Convenient and pretty casing.
I love how the palette is prettily place. Simple wording on the side of the palette really helps in making decision on what to use. 
How the palette looked like.
The palette color may look quite dark but when trying out on my hand, they do look light and bright to me. Look really nice to me. 
Palette colors.
I like it that the colors blend really well and it set really quickly on my eye lid. It look natural and by the end of the day, although it fade a little, the color stays enough to still look good. 
After application.
I personally feels that this palette is great for beginners as you won't go really wrong and it serve as a good palette for blending practice. Convenient to carry around too. :)

Sephora Collection Foam Applicators
Sephora Collection Foam Applicators (6 per pack)
You have the palette but no tools to use? That is why Sephora Collection Foam Applicators is the next item selected. 

S$8 for a pack of 6

My Review
The applicator came with a short handle but soft and durable quality foam. 
Short handle with quality foam.
Applicator can easily picked up eye shadow and easily blend eye shadow without making my eye lid feels too rough when comes into contact. 
Easy to use.
Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner
Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner
Eyes usually feels larger and fuller with eyeliner on. Therefore, I have chosen Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner for my eyes. 

  • Perfect Espresso 
  • Pencil
  • Beveled Smudger
  • Water-proof
  • Tear-proof
  • Creamy smooth gel glides on effortlessly
  • Beveled smudger transforms lines from razor-sharp to smokey
About the Eyes Eyeliner.
  • S$28 for 1 eyeliner
My Review
Ok....of all the eye products, I admit eyeliner is the one I used least often. But I do want to start using them for prettier eyes. :)

About Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner really caught my attention. It came 2 sided. 
Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner.
One side is the normal creamy pencil and the other side is the beveled smudger.
Eye Liner pencil.
Beveled smudger.
Color wise, I like my liner to be in dark chocolate color. Therefore, perfect espresso chosen. 
Perfect espresso.
Actually, this is the first time I am using the smudger. So I actually don't really know what to do with it. Trying on my hand to rub against the eyeliner erase them off. So can I actually use them as a eyeliner eraser then?? Well I better leave the smudger alone first. -_-'''

Eyeliner erase off when using smudger.
This pencil draws pretty eyeliner. Making my eyes look naturally beautiful and big.
Beautiful eyeliner drawn.
There is only one problem with the eyeliner. The eyeliner tip break off or rather melt off easily. The texture just feels like a melted bar of chocolate. But I saw somewhere that says putting them in the refrigerator before use help. I tried and indeed it helps. The eyeliner tip became solid again and easy to draw.

Mirenesse Kit: iCurl Twin Heated Eyelash Curler + Mascara Duo
Mirenesse Kit: iCurl Twin Heated Eyelash Curler + Mascara Duo
What is eye makeup without mascara? The last item I chosen is Mirenesse Kit which consist of iCurl Twin Heated Eyelash Curler and Mascara. 

  •  Black Mascara
  • 24hr Mascara
  • iCurl Twin Heated Eyelash Curler
  • 24 hour curl
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • S$40 for 1 set of Mirenesse Kit
My Review
This Mirenesse Kit came with a mascara and a heated eyelash curler. Ok...the heated eyelash curler is the one that attracted my attention. :P

All along I have been only using normal curler. So a heated curler really makes me curious.

The heated curler came as a sliver looking device. The only different is that it came with an on off switch and a button to lift up the pads.
Heated eyelash curler.
Of course AAA batteries are needed to operate the heating element. Otherwise it will be like normal curler. One thing to note, batteries are not included.
Need batteries to operate.
And when the pad turns from pink to white which indicate it is ready to use, I go Wow!!! -_-''' Ok ok I know I sound a little mountain tortoise here. :P
Pink pad turns white means ready to use.
The heated curler is not too hot but I do feel the warm heat when I place it on my eyelash. One thing I notice is that the heat can go too hot if I on it for too long. So make sure you don't on it for too long. Otherwise, I do see my lash being curl up making my eyes look more awake.
In the middle of using the heated curler.
The mascara that comes with the kit came in a nice black tube.
Opening it I see a slightly curve brush.
Slightly curve brush.
Trying out the mascara on my hand, it feels a little dry to me. But I personally feels that it should be the way so that it will not take too much time to dry on my lashes.
Trying out on my hand.
It is easy to apply. But I have to make sure I don't blink my eyes immediately to avoid little black mascara landing on my skin.

One thing I like about this mascara is that it looks so natural and it feels comfortable to wear.
Eyes look natural and pretty.
Alright folks. After using these basic eye care and eye makeup, my eyes do look really gorgeous!!!
Before and After.
Where to buy them?
So where can you find and buy all these wonderful eye products? They can all be found at Sephora Online Store. Click here to start your shopping at your own comfort now.

Alright. Ciao!!!! ;)

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.