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Review: Lynn Aesthetic Detox Facial - Young and Trendy Treatment

Last week, I visited Lynn Aesthetic Beauty Salon and had a very relaxing and refreshing detox facial. 

I have tried many facial services at many places before. But this is the first time I am left with such a strong and wow impression. Thanks to Lynn Aesthetic and Sample Store for inviting me to this facial service.

Come...let me walk you through what is it that I have experience that day that left me with such a good impression, a place worth visiting. 
Visiting Lynn Aesthetic.
Lynn Aesthetic Beauty Salon is located at Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317, S(530211). It is just a few minutes walk from Kovan MRT Exit C and just beside the bowling Alley building. Not difficult to find. :)

About Lynn Aesthetic Beauty Salon
The outside of the Lynn Aesthetic may look like any ordinary neighborhood Beauty Salon, but it is great to know that they have been established for 32 years. 

Services that they provide not only include facial treatment. They also provide services such as slimming therapy, body massage, hair therapy, esthetic care, women care and etc.
Awards and achievements.
Lynn Aesthetic Environment and Staff 

I was accompanied by my blog buddy Rena that day. Together, we entered the floral decorated glass door of Lynn Aesthetic. 
Entering the floral Glass door.
The outside of it may look ordinary but as I step inside, the very well decorated interior really make the place feels cozy. 
Reception area.
I was greeted by their friendly Customer Service Officer Aileen with a nice cup of passion fruit tea when I was filling up the first time customer consultation card. 
Filling up the the first time customer consultation card.
Greeted with a nice cup of passion fruit tea.
Before my facial treatment begin, I was being shown around the area by their beauty therapist, Yuffy Chong, who will be doing my facial treatment later on. 

This is the first time I am so curious and attentively looking at every corner of a beauty salon because every corner is well decorated. 

I really love how attentive the owner of Lynn Aesthetic is. Every little details is well looked after. After changing slipper and entering the door that divides the reception area and the treatment rooms, I notice a change in the room tone. 
Entering the corridor to the treatment rooms.
The reception area is bright and well lighted, giving people a cozy feeling. The lighting for the treatment rooms and corridor area on the other hand is deem, preparing people to feel relax and comfortable for the treatment ahead.

I can see decorations at every corner. Even the stair ways and ceiling.  
Stairway to 2nd floor.
Decorations near the stairways.
Terrarium decorations hanging from the stairway ceiling. 
Decorations at corner of the corridor.
The rest corner at the 2nd floor feels so comfortable and zen too.
Dressing table at the 2nd floor.

The rest corner at the 2nd floor.
There are treatment rooms both at the 1st floor and 2nd floor of the beauty salon. Each room have their own theme and is decorated closely with it. Usually I will just walk in, change and jump straight into the facial bed. But this time round, I can't help but take a 2nd look at the surrounding and the treatment room. I really love these theme idea, very interesting indeed. 
"Crystal" Room
"Rose Garden" Room.
"Symphony" Room.
"Marina" Room.
The room I will be using for my facial treatment which is used by the boss itself, is called the "Butterfly Room", which is located at the 2nd floor. From the doorway to inside the room, I saw butterfly decorations. :)
Stepping happily to the 2nd floor for my facial treatment.
Corridor to "Butterfly" Room.
"Butterfly" Room.
Butterflies decorations in the room.
Detox Facial Treatment Service
The facial treatment that I undergo is call Detox Facial - Young and Trendy Treatment

This treatment consist of the following benefits:
  • focused on self repair ability that we naturally have
  • accelerate metabolism of cell.
  • recovery of our skin to it's best condition.  
Beauty therapist, Yuffy, checked on my face and below is what I have done. 

1) Cleanse Skin 
Warm towel was used to clean off instead of cotton pad for better pores opening, soften skin and less agitation to skin. 
Warm towel was used.
2) Gommage Peel
Common term is call scrub. The process of scrubbing dead skin cell from my skin. 
The process of scrubbing dead skin cell from my skin.
3) Tone 
Interim to remove grime and oil from my skin. 

4) Warm Steaming
For opening of pores and hydrating. And I just learn that there is cold steaming too but is use unless for super sensitive skin which have a calming and recovery effect. 
Warm steaming.
5) Skin Scrubbing(machine) - suction
Remove of soft whiteheads and blackheads. 
6) Skin Extraction 
To remove more stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. And I actually have a high tolerance to pain. I don't feel painful at all during the process. :P
Extractions done.
7) Eyebrow Trimming
Shaping and removing unwanted hairs around the eyebrow
Eyebrow trimming.
8) Tone
Skin was freshen and tone up before serum application. I feel a tingling sensation when the toner is applied and Yuffy reassure to me that this is perfectly normal. :)

9) Oxygenating Serum/ Detox Gel/ Collagen Whitening Serum/ Hydrating Gel/ Slimlook Gel (customize by skin) Application
Serum is apply to my skin according to what my skin is lack off. Because my skin is dull and lack of moisture ( skin is always thirsty), I was given 2 serum, hydrating serum followed by collagen whitening serum. 
Serum available.
This serum application process is done with the help of their ultra sound machine. It feels cooling at first which have the effect of moisturizing and then feels warm towards the end which have the effect of blood circulation. 
Serum application process is done with the help of their ultra sound machine.
10) Essential Acupoint 
I was given a relaxing essential acupressure for facial detox with the help of essential oil
Essential oil.
11) Lip and Eye Care
After that, I am given lip and eye care massage. I am glad that my eye and lips are both taken care of. :)

12) Face, Shoulder, Head Massage 
The most shiok part of the facial treatment is the massage. Essential oils are used for massage for face, shoulder and head.

I seldom go massage and never get use to it at first and simply cannot relax my body. But I become more relax after a while and totally enjoy it. 
Face, Shoulder, Head Massage.
13) CO2 Mask
Oxygen mask that has a gel like texture was applied on my face as well as neck. The mask feels really cooling during application
CO2 Mask applied.
14) Hand and Leg Massage
While waiting for the mask before it is removed, hand and leg massage was done. 
Hand massage.
This is the first time I heard of having leg massage during facial. Very thoughtful and pampering really.
Leg massage.
15) Cleanse, Tone, moisturize, sunblock
Mask is cleanse off followed by applying skin care products.    
My face after cleansing off the mask.
Applying skin care products.
Treatment Bed
One thing that I really like is the treatment bed that I am sleeping on during facial. Here, their bed is also a massaging bed. 

Instead of just laying there waiting and doing nothing like most of the facial I have done, its different here at Lynn Aesthetic. When I am waiting with the mask on my face, the massage bed actually massage the lower part of my body. 

The massage bed will stop massaging by the time the beauty therapist comes to remove the mask on my face. Total relaxation there without wasting time. Excellent!!!

After Treatment Services
I must say, Yuffy really did an excellent job. The whole facial process is really relaxing and refreshing. My skin looks really smoother, moisturised and brighten up after facial
Before and After.
Lynn Aesthetic does not only take care of my skin, it takes care of my stomach too. The whole facial treatment session ended with a nice cup of passion fruit tea and a delicious bowl of dragon fruit yogurt. 
Passion fruit tea and dragon fruit yogurt given after the treatment.
Thanks to Yuffy and Alieen for the friendly and attentive service given. 
Lynn Aesthetic Staff that attended to my facial services.
To end off, my skin is recovering well and in a great condition 2 days after the facial treatment.
2 days after the treatment without anything on.
Pricing and Information
Lynn Aesthetic Detox Facial - Young and Trendy Treatment that I have done is set at a retail price of S$180 and is suitable for age 20 - 34 years old.

Go to Lynn Aesthetic Website for more information. 

You may also read up on other reviews on Lynn Aesthetic from Sample Store Website

Disclaimer: I was invited to for this service by Lynn Aesthetic and Sample Store for experience sharing purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this service

Credit: Thanks to my Blog buddy Rena for the help on photo taking during the facial session. 

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