Sunday, 14 May 2017

Event: Sasa Mother's Day High Tea And Makeup Challenge

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers. 

My mum have a great Mother's Day Celebrating with Sasa SG over High Tea. How is your Mother's Day?

On 10 May 2017, My Mum and I went for an enjoyable Mother's Day Celebration with Sasa SG + Jannassa and Mum over High Tea + Makeup Challenge Workshop held at Fullerton Hotel, Post Bar.
Event is at Post Bar in Fullerton Hotel.
I have always wanted to bring my mum for Tai Tai Type of High Tea but always cannot find one that is cheap and delicious in order not to let my mum worry about my wallet. Thanks to Sasa SG, I am able to fulfill this wish in a High Class Hotel on the house. 

My mum is all dress up and happily enters the beautiful Fullerton Hotel. Off we go for High Tea and makeup workshop. :)
My Mum is all dress beautifully for the event.
This is the first time my mum and I came to Post Bar at Fullerton Hotel. The post bar feels classy and comfortable. 
Beautiful Post Bar.
Once we were there, we were brought to our seats with a customized card saying "To Ivy's Beautiful Mum", a black beauty box worth S$1000 and 2 beautiful flowers on the table. 
Customized card, Beauty Box and flowers.
I have to admit, my attention change immediately from admiring the Post Bar environment to looking at the beauty box on the table. So is my mum. LOL...Well, I will let you all see what is inside later.
All eyes on this Beauty Box.
The celebration starts off with the Makeup Challenge Beauty Workshop. We were told to makeup our mum beautifully using the products given in the beauty box followed by photo taking. Hehehe....I am given the offical approval here to "paint" my mum's face....:p...something she always refused to let me do at home as my mum don't like to makeup. :/
All busy doing makeup on mums. (Image From Sasa SG)
Painting my mum's eyes. (Image from Sasa SG)
Finish up the makeup workshop with a photo taking with mum.
Here you go, my mum is pretty pretty liao!!!
My pretty mum after the makeup. (Image from Sasa SG)
We had a great time bonding with each other and other mum and daughter. :) After this great bonding, it comes the moment we all are waiting for, high tea time!!!
All Ready for High Tea.
All eyes on the cakes, breads, cookies and tarts on the beautiful layers tray. My favourites will be the Macaroon, the lime tart and the salmon sandwich. 
High Tea.
Tea served.
A closer look at what is on the layer tray.
While we were enjoying our High Tea, we get to listen to nice singing by Jannassa Neo. Here is the link (link 1, link 2) to her performance provided by Sasa SG. 
Performance by Jannassa.
Thanks to Sasa SG and sponsors, all Mums and Daughters enjoyed ourselves at this Mother's Day High Tea and workshop Party. We ended the party with a group photo. 
A group photo to end the event. (Image from Sasa SG)
Before I go off, I grab the opportunity to take a photo with Jannassa too. :)

Photo taken with Jannassa.
Sasa SG and sponsors are really generous here. The S$1000 beauty box is sure heavy to carry. But it's surely a happy burden to carry home. :D 
Going home with a full bag of heavy beauty box from Sasa SG.
Here is what my mum and I got in the beauty box. From Skin care to makeup to perfume and vouchers. WOW!!!!
What is in the Beauty Box.
All right....this marks the end of my Mother's Day Party blog post. Once again Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. Enjoy your day!

Disclaimer: I won the chance to this event through Sasa SG Contest. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event.

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