Sunday, 30 July 2017

Event: An Iconic Lip Moment With Sephora Birthday Event

Earlier beginning of July (2 July 2017), I attended Sephora's Iconic Lip Moment Birthday Event early in the morning at Sephora Ion Orchard. 
Decorated wall outside Sephora Store.
There was a long long queue early in the morning already even before I arrived. All queuing to register, collect free breakfast and enter the store for the event. 

Yes, you hear me right. Sephora is so sweet to provide breakfast for all people for attended the event so early in the morning. Thanks to Dean & Deluca and Gorilla Press. 
Breakfast and S$10 Voucher given out.
What is inside. Chicken or Beef.
Oh yes, I get excited already even before the event started when I was given a S$10 Sephora Voucher with no minimum amount spend together with the breakfast. Woooohooooo.....That means shopping time after the event. :D

The Stage is all set up and the whole of Sephora is divided into section. I am located at section number 20 that day. Well, can't see the stage from my location. 
Stage all ready.
I am located at section number 20.
Ops....I think I get too excited and forgot to tell you what this event is all about. The title is named the iconic lip moment. So it has got something to do with lip. Together, we are going to make history by entering the Singapore Book of record for the most number of people simultaneously applying a lip mask. 

Yes, most number of people simultaneously applying a lip mask. That's why, we are all given a piece of Sephora lip mask. 
Lip mask given.
How the lip mask look like.
Some may not know, there is actually lip mask. So go on, get a piece from Sephora to try if you have not use a lip mask before.  :)

Ok, back to the event. The most important moment came. All of us place the lip mask on our lip for 3 minutes while the officer from the Guinness book of record walk around to do the checking. 
Mask applied on my lip. No talking allowed.
The event came to a success. 300++ people simultaneously apply a lip mask. Cert is presented for breaking the record. 
Cert presented.
We were all given a birthday box from Sephora to bring home at the end of the day. :)
Birthday box given.
Take a closer look at what is inside the box.
Happy Birthday Sephora Ion Orchard. I did enjoy myself that day.

Disclaimer: Event attended for personal purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event.

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