Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Review: SNP Animal Panda Warming Eye Mask

SNP Animal Panda Warming Eye Mask (5 pieces / Box)
Having tired eyes? Check out SNP Animal Panda Warming Eye Mask. 

This Warming Eye Mask have cute panda cartoon prints on it. It feels comfortably warm and relax my eyes for better sleep.  

SNP Animal Panda Warming Eye Mask Summary
  • Relax dry and fatiqued eyes. 
  • Lasting warmth for about 20 minutes. 
  • Max temperature 45 degree Celsius.
  • Fragrance free.
About the eye mask.
How to use SNP Animal Panda Warming Eye Mask?
Tear the cutting line in the center of the eye mask and wear it so the illustrated side of the mask faces outward.

Take a deep rest with lasting warmth for about 20 minutes.
How to use it.
My Review
This is not the first time i try warm eye mask. But this warm eye mask with cute cartoon on it, is the first time. 

First thing that attract me is the cute panda on the box. 😜
Came in a nice box.
The warm eye mask came in small black pack. 
Eye mask came in small black pack.
Mask itself is printed with panda cartoon on the outside.
Cute cartoon panda printed on it.
Same as other warm eye mask, there is ear loop to hold the mask. 
Tear the middle to separate the ear loop.
There is ear loop to hold the mask.
Once it is in contact with the air, it starts to feel warm. 

The temperature is not too warm to me. Feels really comfortable. I feel like doing warm eye mask in facial saloon. 

Besides feeling comfortable, I do look cute too with the mask on. 
I do look cute too with the mask on.
Actually, I fall asleep during mask. Therefore can't really tell how long the warm last on the mask. But one thing, the mask fall outside of my eyes when I am awake. Ops.....So lesson learnt, do not fall asleep when doing this mask. LOL

It does relax my eyes. Especially with me looking at the PC screen almost 3 quarter of my day plus late nights, this mask really does help. 

It's so stressful nowadays. We should learn to reward and relax ourselves sometimes. Right? :)

Where to buy it?
SNP Animal Panda Warming Eye Mask can be bought from Sasa retail store. 

Where to get sample?
No samples for this product. 

Disclaimer: Product in this post was bought for personal use only. Review is for the purpose of sharing my honest personal experience only. No sponsorship and monetary compensation are offered.

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