Sunday, 8 October 2017

Review: YSL Temps Majeur Creme Intensive Skin Supplement

YSL Temps Majeur Creme Intensive Skin Supplement (5ml sample)
Let's discuss about YSL Temps Majeur Creme Intensive Skin Supplement today. 

Overall, this creme might not be suitable for my skin as I see no effect after using them. However, it is really generous for YSL for giving such big bottle of sample to try given that it is an expensive product.

YSL Temps Majeur Creme Intensive Skin Supplement Summary
This is a prestigious face care treatment by YSL.

  • All Skin Type
  •  Trigger intensive restructuring action to regain skin youth. 
  •  Reduce skin inflammation, puffiness, wrinkes and free radical damage.
  • Skin look radiance, toned, supple, smooth and hydrated. 

About the product.
How to use YSL Temps Majeur Creme Intensive Skin Supplement?
Apply morning and evening over face and neck.

My Review
Already. This will be a backdated review. Let's see if I can still remember my after used experience. 

Kind of forgot how this bottle of sample came into picture. But it is quite a big bottle of sample given that this product is quite expensive. 
Generous Sample Size.
Not sure it is to be use as a treatment cream or just as a moisturiser in the skin care regiment. But I use it as a moisturiser.

The creme has a light creamy texture. I thought it will be oily given that it is use for anti aging. But it turns out alright to me. At least my face do not produce pimples during the period of using it. 
Creamy texture.
Lightweight and not oily.
However, I did not see any improvement to my skin during the period of using. Maybe my skin is not really that bad to see improvement in the first place. 😜

But one thing I must say is that this product is not within my budget. Too expensive for me to own 1. 😞

Where to buy it?
Not really sure where to buy this product. Should be available at YSL Store. Saw it at Lazada SG as well but out of stock. Heard that it is quite an expensive product. :(

Where to get sample?
Sample redemption is long over. No sample redemption that I know at the moment. 

Disclaimer: Product in this post was given for personal use only. Review is for the purpose of sharing my honest personal experience only. No sponsorship and monetary compensation are offered.

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