Sunday, 4 March 2018

Review: Collistar Anti-Age Talasso Scrub

Collistar Anti-Age Talasso Scrub (150g)
Body Scrub anyone? Come check out Collistar Anti-Age Talasso Scrub with me.

This scrub does leave my skin feeling smooth and clean after use. It has a nice orange smell but that layer of oil feels really oily even after mixing well after use.

About Collistar Anti-Age Talasso Scrub
This is a body scrub with real regenerating treatment.

Suitable for: All skin type. 

  • Leave skin soft and moist. 
  • Fight skin aging.
  • Leave skin bright, supple and ultra smooth. 
  • 4 Actions: Exfoliate and Renew, whitening, Regenerating and Anti-Aging, Revitalizing.
Go to Collistar website for more information. 
How to use Collistar Anti-Age Talasso Scrub?
  1. Stir the scrub well. 
  2. Massage onto body paying attention on rough areas. 
  3. Rinse off. 
Use on damp skin for a light scrub or on dry skin for more intensive exfoliation. 

Use once or twice a week.
My Review
I am a constant user of body scrub. Seeing scrub with sand-like texture is a common thing. 

But this is the first time I see scrub with a thick layer of oil floating on top of the scrub. 😕
Thick layer of oil.
The scrub came in a transparent tub. From the tub, I can see that the scrub is orange in color. 
Came in a translucent tub.
Because of the huge amount of oil, I became very careful when storing it because I am afraid the oil will spill out. Turns out the opening is sealed with a plastic. 
Opening is sealed with plastic.
The scrub itself as I said, is having very fine sand-like texture. And it is quite compressed in the tub as I need to use a spatula to move it and mix well with the layer of oil. It produces a very strong orange smell both before and after use.
It is quite compressed in the tub as I need to use a spatula to move it and mix well with the layer of oil.
I must say, my skin feels really smooth and clean after using the scrub. is sooooo oily, that I need to wash quite long before I remove those oily feeling on my skin. Also my bathroom floor become so slippery that I need to wash the floor after use to prevent folks at home from falling down. 
Well...pretty oily.
Well.....for me, because of the oiliness, I don't think I will buy them to use. 😨 But who knows it will suit you better.

Where to buy it?
Collistar Anti-Age Talasso Scrub can be bought from Sasa Store at S$69.90 for 700g. 

Where to get sample?
No sample redemption for this product. 

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