Sunday, 30 December 2018

Review: Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder

Vitabrid 14 days Radiance InsideOUT Set
Recently, I have collected my 14 days Radiance InsideOUT Set from Vitabrid. I am really excited and surprise by the very big and pretty 14 days set. 

Of the 5 items in the set, I love Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder best. This vitamin C product really surprise me and change my view on vitamin C skin care product. How? Well read on to find out. 

About Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder
This is a 12hr Vitamin C Skin Care product. 

  • Stabilised form of active Vitamin C.
  • Can be customised and mixed with your current skin care regimen.
  • Reduce Pigmentation
  • Refine Skin Texture
  • Skin Vitality
  • Customizable Skin Care
Go to Vitabrid Website for more detailed information.

My Review
Recently, I was introduced to Vitabrid products through their 14 days Radiance InsideOUT Set. 

Woohu.......The set came in a big and pretty yellow box. Actually, was quite surprise and excited. Surprise by the very big box and excited to try new products. 
Vitabrid 14 days Radiance InsideOUT Set
There are 5 products inside but I will only focus on Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder.
4 of the 5 products in the set.
The trial bottle of Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder came in a small glass bottle with easy to pour cap. 
Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder (0.8g)
I just need to fix the cap on the glass bottle and I'm ready to use it. 
Easy to use cap.
I have use before products with vitamin C. But they either caused my skin to outbreak or there is no effect at all. And the Vitamin C is always inclusive in the product. I never know Vitamin C for Skin comes in this form and can be used this way. 

The Brightening Powder came in very fine powder form. 
Came in fine powder form.
And what I like best is that I do not need to change my skin care regiment. This brightening powder can be added to my serum or moisturizer. For me, I mix it into my serum. 
Mixing the brightening powder to my serum.
I was pretty surprise by the result. In just less then 14days of usage, I can already see the improvement. I can already see that it helps to brighten up my dull skin by a small percentage. 

What I can really see having a huge improvement is the sebum control of my skin. Previously, my skin can get really very oily by the end of the day. But now, it stays at the right level throughout the day. As a result, less days my pimple friends visited me. 
Before and after use for around 14 days.
I am really please with the result. And maybe I will consider buying the retail size and continue use it.

Where to buy it?
Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder can be purchase from Novita Experience Store or it can be found from Vitabrid online Website. It is price at S$86 per bottle (3g). 
Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder (3g)
Where to redeem sample?
The 14 days Set is still available for redemption. Go to Vitabrid online Website to register for your set. Also like Vitabrid Facebook page for future giveaway. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

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