Sunday, 29 November 2015

Review: Dr.Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash

Dr.Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash (250ml)
Today review is on Dr.Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash. 

Overall, my skin feels moisturized and clean after bathing. This body wash also gave off a very strong coconut smell. What I like most is that its free from harmful ingredients. 

Dr.Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash Summary
Dr.Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash is a rich daily bath and shower gel that does the following benefits:
  • Nourishing and hydrating.
  • Moisturize skin. 
  • Leaves body feeling regenerated, refreshing and invigorated. 
  • Contain natural, bioactive and organic ingredients.
  • Free from Parabens, SLS, Artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives.
What is written on the bottle.
Free From harmful ingredients.
For more information, go to Dr.Organic Website

How to use Dr.Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash?
Lather and use as required on body and hair. 
My Review
This product was bought at Holland & Barrett during a promotion and I do have some vouchers to spend. Seeing that its organic, I told myself why not give it a try.

As you know from my previous post, my usual body wash is from The Body Shop. So this is the first time I tried body wash from this brand. 

First that caught my attention is the label saying no harmful ingredients used. Good for my skin. :)

The product came in a transparent plastic bottle. As the ingredient used are natural with no artificial colors, the color of the body wash may varies. The one I bought is slightly yellowish in color. 
Came in a nice bottle.
Once I open the bottle cap, I can smell a strong coconut smell. And the smell lasted for very long. Even after shower, my bath room still smell coconut after sometime. Well, you either like it or don't like it. For me, coconut smells good. :)

The body wash has a gel like texture and can be easily lather with the help of some water. 
Gel like texture.
Easy to lather.
After wash, my skin feels pretty good. Its clean and moisturizing. And one more thing, I smells good. 

For the price, well, its considered expensive but if there is promotion price, it's worth a buy. Otherwise, I won't really buy them. :)

Overall, my skin feels moisturized and clean after bathing. This body wash also gave off a very strong coconut smell. What I like most is that its free from harmful ingredients.

Where to buy it?
Dr.Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash (250ml) can be bought at Holland & Barrett for S$20.90. Other flavour of body wash also available. (Check in store for the current price of the products) 
Dr.Organic Body Wash (250ml)
Where to get sample?
Nope. No sample for this product. :(

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Event: Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D Mocktail Workshop

Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D Mocktail Workshop
I was at Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D Mocktail Workshop on 14 Nov 2015 afternoon at Tampines Mall Atrium. 
Kinohimitsu Wellness Smooth'D Mocktail Workshop.
Kinohimitsu had launch its new Wellness Smooth'D product and I am happy to be able to attend this mock tail workshop together with my brother to try on the new product. 
New Wellness Smooth'D.
The moment I was there, I helped myself with the food there before the workshop started. Its yum yum!!!
Macaroon nicely place. 
Food to eat before workshop.
Cake to eat before workshop.
The mocktail workshop started with a demo on how to make an easy mocktail using Kinohimitsu new Wellness Smooth'D as well as other existing Kinohimitsu products. 
Demo on how to make a mocktail.
Demo mocktail made.
The new Wellness Smooth'D consist of 3 flavours with Psyllium Husk and Prebiotic. They are 100% natural and convenient and cleanse your way to a healthier and revitalised body from the inside out. (Go to Kinohimitsu Website for more information.)
  • Cleanse & Shape - boosts metabolism and fat burning.
  • Cleanse & Boost - purify and balance our body pH.
  • Cleanse & Beauty - provides essential nutrients for cell regeneration. 
Kinohimitsu new Wellness Smooth'D.
Each box (15 sachets) is sold at S$39.90. 

Alright, lets return to the mocktail workshop. After the demo, we were given some items to make our own cup of Mocktail. 
Fruits and juice which we can add to our mocktail.
Shaker, cups and Kinohimitsu products for the mocktail making.
Well, prizes are given out for best taste Mocktail, most creative mocktail and overall best mocktail. 

Ok, mine didn't won anything. My Mocktail was named "Fact of Life". Its added with Cleanse & Shape Wellness Smooth'D, BB Drink, some lemon juice and soda water. Taste acidic but yet a little sweet which match the name we gave it. Life's not totally sweet with some other taste in between, a fact of life. 
All ingredients well mixed and ready to be place in cup.

My end product named "Fact of Life".
We ended the workshop with a group photo and goodies bag to bring home. Thanks Kinohimitsu. 
Group photo taken.
Goodies bag to bring home.
I have fun at their photo booth too. 
Photo Booth.
Photo taking at photo booth.
Oh yes, they were having promotion too. So I happily bought 2 boxes of Collagen BG Diamond drink and was given a box of Kinohimitsu Bird Nest free with free spin the wheel, which I won 2 bottles of BB drinks. 
Bought 2 boxes of Collagen BG Diamond drink and free the rest of the products.
(Will be doing separate reviews on the products. So do look out for it once they are ready.)

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Review: Miacare Acne Patch for Day

Miacare Acne Patch for Day ( 3 patches sample pack)
Today review is on Miacare Acne Patch for Day. This is a 3 patches sample pack redeemed from

This acne patch is really very effective for my acne especially those of my acne with pus. Its able to absorb the pus and then extract them out. Acne and acne scar is able to heal much faster. Also, the patch looks invisible after applying. Totally love the product.

Miacare Acne Patch for Day Summary

This Miacare Acne Patch is made from 100% medical grade hydrocolloid dressing used by medical professionals to heal wounds. 

  • helps to absorb and cover acne, making acne recovered quickly with no scarring.
  • thin patch design also makes acne invisible and attached firmly when using.
  • doubling up as a barrier against bacteria contamination. 
  • able to absorb light energy, blocking up to 95% of harmful UVB rays and preventing potential acne pigmentation from forming to reveal clear skin.
Formation of Acne.
How it works.
For more information go to Miacare Facebook Page.

How to use Miacare Acne Patch for Day?
Applying the acne patch: 
  1. Cleanse the acne area and hands. Then dry them well. 
  2. Tear off one of the acne patch.
  3. Remove half of the acne patch release paper. 
  4. Attach the center of the acne patch to acne. 
  5. Remove the rest of the release paper. 
  6. Gently press the patch for 3 - 5 seconds for better adhesion and invisibility. 
How to use Miacare Acne Patch.
Suggestion of when to remove it:
  • when the acne patch becomes white in color after absorbing the pus. 
  • when after use for more than 12 hours. 
Keep using until it's completely healed.
My Review
This is a 3 patches sample pack redeemed from
3 patches sample pack.
Each patch came covered using release paper.
Release paper that holds the patch.
Acne patch place on Release paper.
Removing half of the release paper, I can see that the patch is very thin.
Removed half of the release paper.
My pimple has been days old and I purposely waited until there is acne pus and about ready before I try to stick this product on the pimple.
Before using the patch.

The patch is easy to put on and what I like is that it is not so visibly seen. So I don't have to be afraid of it being ugly on my face.
During application. It looks almost invisible.

I place the patch on my face about half a day before I remove it before I go for a shower. There is a white color in the middle of the patch.
Just before taking out the patch.
Pulling it out is not at all painful and its easy too. And what I like about the patch is that it is able to pull the pus out. Really effective to help clear acne at a faster rate. No more squeezing out the pus using fingers (which is wrong I know, but whoops, I just can't help using fingers to squeeze it), which is so difficult and will leave ugly scar. Ermm.... the patch looks really eww.......
Acne pus absorbed by the patch. 
Instead of taking weeks for the acne to fully recover, it now take days to recover. After 3 days, I check on the acne again and its 95% recovered with only the pus opening to heal. Much neater then using finger to squeeze.
Immediately after taking out.
3 days later.
This acne patch is really very effective for my acne especially those of my acne with pus. Its able to absorb the pus and then extract them out. Acne and acne scar is able to heal much faster. Also, the patch looks invisible after applying. Totally love the product.

Where to buy it?
Miacare Acne Patch for Day may be bought at selected Guardian stores for S$4.50 (12 pieces). It comes in Night as well also for S$4.50 (12 pieces) or S$6.20 for Day (12 pieces) + Night (6 pieces).
3 different pack of Acne patch sold.
Where to get samples?
The samples at are fully redeemed. But you may still register first as samplestore will always restock the items. :)

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Event: Nuffnang Lovin' Treat At Trick 2015 Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum
Thanks to Nuffnang and Trick Eye Museum for the invitation, I was off to Resort World Sentosa on 31 Oct 2015 night to explore the newly revamped Trick Eye Museum. 

Well to be honest, the Trick Eye Museum has been around for so long but I have never been inside even before the revamption. So I was pretty excited to be able to spend my Halloween in Trick Eye Museum.
Registration counter.
Trick Eye Museum Ticket Box.
Before showing you what I did that day, lets talk a little about the re-opening of Trick Eye Museum. 

Trick Eye Museum has done some renewal to the exhibit with new theme zones and interactive 4-D concept. These includes new exhibits at the entrance, 4-D interactive exhibits, new ghost zone and fantasy zone. And they are officially re-opened on 31 Oct 2015. (Free entry on 31 Oct 2015 too. Are you there too that day?)

I haven't been to Trick Eye Museum. So on that day, I have a hard time finding where it is. If not for the pillar posters showing arrow where it is, I think I will take forever to find it with the swamp of zombies and ghost around the USS area that day.  :)

Oh, one important thing, go to the toilet before you go Trick Eye Museum as there is no toilet near Trick Eye Museum. You have have to walk all the way to the other side which is very far. 

Ok enough of toilet talk. Outside the Trick Eye Museum, there are already things for me to take even before I step inside the museum. 
Oh, new wings for me!
2 pretty ladies taking selfie.
Nice music.
My valentine for the day.
Oh...long long mustache.
Let me help you!
I was all alone but luckily I met a new friend, CK, who is also alone. The two of us have each other throughout the whole session to help take pictures for each other. 

Before starting, we took photos with other bloggers we met there. :)
Photo taking with other bloggers.
Erm, I haven't been inside. So I really couldn't tell which is new exhibit and which is old exhibit. Luckily CK have been inside before to be able to tell me which is new exhibit. 

We only have 1 hour inside the museum. So we didn't manage to take all the exhibits' photos. In fact we overlook some new exhibit on the floor too. But we still have fun for that 1 hour with no crowd. And I especially like the "Dancing Star" interactive exhibit. :D

Lets all enjoy some of what we have taken that day for that 1 hour.
Entrance. The fun night begun.
First new exhibit right near the entrance.
My boyfriend for that night. LOL
Oh don't cry, let me help you down.
Round 1 Fight!!!
Wow! Rainbow!
Can I share with you?
I'm floating...
I became a mermaid :)
Careful! Don't fall!
Yeah...Teddy bear!
Ride on bike with a ..erm....wolf!!
I'm flying in the air!
In the fortune ball.
No!!! I'm not a Dracula!
Trap in the hourglass.
Being part of the big painting.
Climbing the ice mountain with bare hands.
Help!!! Don't eat me!
Erm...actually what is this??
Climbing the rope.
Ended by relaxing with a cup of Gabu Gabu Ice Cream Soda Drink!
Oh oh! Here is one of the "Dancing Star" interactive exhibit. So cute! I'm dancing!

We ended the day with nice drinks sponsored for us, announcing winners for contest and also a big photo with everyone!
We are given Pokka Gabu Gabu Ice Cream Soda after the event.
Announcing the contest winners.
Group Photo (Photo courtesy Nuffnang)
Thanks again for having the museum all for us that night. I really enjoy myself and will definitely be back someday. Bye for now!