Sunday, 22 June 2014

Review: Meiji Amino Collagen Drink (Lemon Flavour)

Meiji Amino Collagen Drink (75ml per bottle x 6)
This week review is on Meiji Amino Collagen Drink. This is a birthday gift given to Meiji member. Birthday gift differ during different month. :)

This collagen drink although lemon flavour, it still smell and taste fishy. Finishing the whole pack, 6 bottles, I did not notice anything significant. But my skin did not get worse. However its too expensive for long term consumption to me.

Meiji Amino Collagen Drink Summary
Meiji Amino Collagen Drink is a convenient packed beauty drinks that it suitable for daily intake. 

A bottle contains 5000mg fish collagen, 450mg of arginine (amino acid) and 60mg of glucosamine. 

What is written on the pack.
For more information, please go to Meiji Website

How to consume Meiji Amino Collagen Drink?
Consume 1 bottle a day. Its recommended to shake and chill before drinking. 

My Review
This is a birthday gift given to Meiji member. Birthday gift differ during different month. :)

The collagen drink comes in a nice fat bottle. Each pack consist of 6 bottles.
6 bottles per pack.
Collagen Drink.
One thing I always have difficult is opening the cap. This bottle is still consider easy to open for me. At least I do not need someone else to open for me. :D

The collagen drink is transparent and yellowish in color. I can also smell a little fishy smell from the drink. 
The collagen drink is yellowish in color.
The Collagen drink is a little sour and somehow I can also taste the fishy taste although it is lemon in flavour. :(

Drinking the collagen drink by itself does not taste very pleasant to me. So I tried to mix them in my own made juice. I pour one bottle of this collagen drink in my own made pomegranate juice. And it taste perfect without any fishy taste and smell too. 
The collagen drink is mix in own made juice.
Ok, enough of the taste. The most important part, how is the effect after drinking? Well I have finish all the 6 bottles but I did not see any significant effect to my skin. However at the same time, my skin condition did not get worse too. In a way, it does not do improvement, it does maintenance. 

But this product is way too expensive to me for long term consumption. There are better ways and products out there that can do similar or better results. :)

Where to buy it?
Meiji products can be bought at Meiji online store or at Meiji counter at shopping centers. I last saw Meiji Amino Collagen Drink on sale at a promotion price of S$39 at OG Orchard Point. 

Where to get samples? sample redemption for this products. :( 

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post was/were samples or bought for personal use only. Reviews are for the purpose of sharing my honest personal experience only. No sponsorship and/or monetary compensation are offered.  

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