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Event: The Sample Store Relaunch Ka Bloom

I was privilege to be invited by to their Sample Store Relaunch Ka Bloom Event as a Beauty Panelist on 20 September 2014 at Fullhouse Signature Cafe.
Invitation Card From Sample Store
Having been sponsored by for so many reviews and redeeming so many samples from them, I was really very excited to receive invitation to their relaunch party and definitely will not miss it. And I have a great time there. :)

During the event, we not only get to see the new Website and the new Sample Store Packaging, we get to try and know lots of beauty products from different sponsors and of course help ourselves with the foods provided.
Event Highlights
Not forgetting we get to bring home lots of goodies! Thanks and sponsors for pampering us with these goodies. A big "Hug" and "Kiss" to you.

Can't wait to see the excitement? Ok!!! Lets get started to feed you with the Pictures!!! :D

Spotted the Sample Store event board on the entrance of the building.
Sample Store board on the entrance of the building.
I was given a Beauty Panelist Card and an activity card together with a big bag of beauty panelist goodies bag the moment I step in. Really very big bag, its heavy too. I will leave the goodies bag to the end. So keep on reading. ;p
Activity Card.
I was invited as Beauty Panelist.
The first thing I notice is the lucky draw corner. Attractive prizes given away. But no luck in the draw though. :(
Lucky draw corner.
Wow!!! Giant size SampleStore Package. Yes, this is the new SampleStore package that you will soon be receiving for redeeming samples from SampleStore. Nice isn't it. :)
Giant size version of SampleStore Package.
The Goodies Bag redemption Booth. :)
Goodies Bag redemption Booth. Goodies pack in the New SampleStore Package.
If you haven't already know, Sample Store is Singapore first sampling platform. In sample Store Website, you simple look for products that you wish to try first before you really buy them in retail store. There are totally free samples as well as samples which required S$5.99 delivery fee. Its that simple, Choose 4 samples, confirm, make payment and samples will be delivered to your door steps. Good isn't it. :)

Ok back to the event. There are booths all set up during the event. Let start with the Sample Store booth. 

Sample Store Booth
Giving speech on the relaunched Sample Store Website.
Sample Store is revamping their website to serve everyone better. Yes. Here we are, testing out their new website. The new website is much more colourful and user friendly too. You will get to see them real soon. :) 
Testing out the new SampleStore Website. 
Photo by
My Beauty Diary Booth
My Beauty Dairy Booth
This is the first booth I visit. I love their Mask! During the event, we get to buy their new range of aroma series mask sheet at a promotional price.
MY Beauty Diary Mask.
White Formula.
New range of aroma series mask sheet.
Miacare Booth
Miacare Booth
We get to try out Miacare acne patch. I have it on throughout the whole event. It really is so thin that I totally forgotten that I have the acne patch on when I get home that day in the evening. And I was told that after having it on, I can go on to do my makeup with it on. Good isn't it.
Boxes of Acne Patch for sale.
Trying Miacare acne patch. Can you spot it?
Nov Booth
We get to do customized skin analysis by the Nov consultant from Japan on our neck. But we did not have it analyse on our face, so the result may not be the same if its being done on the face itself. 
Nov consultant from Japan doing skin analysis
My skin analysis done on my neck.
This is the first time I get to know this brand and wow, they have such a wide range of products. Very well covered on all areas of our need. :)
Nov Range of Products.
Nov consultant from Japan doing UV demo.
Doing UV Demo
Putting UV to dummy doll.
Tsubaki Booth
Tsubaki Booth
At the Tsibaki booth, I get to try their Camelia oil and Head Spa Sparkling Serum. And oh man!! Their head spa sparkling serum gives loud popping and sparking sound when apply. I thought someone doing fire cracker on my head. Really Amazing. 
Tsubaki Camelia oil and Head Spa Sparkling Serum
Besides that, hair stylist is there to style our hair using Ma Cherie products. But there are too many people queuing. So I did not get to style mine. :/

Pond's and Goodal Booth
I have heard Pond's products but have never used them. But their age miracle firm and lift lifting massager is really an eye opening to me. Really interesting. 
Pond's Products
Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift
This is the first time I heard of Goodal. During the event, I get to try their Superseed Oil Plus Skin Mist that will be sold at Guardian during October 2014. It's made up of oil and water layer that is a Toner + serum + Brightening Whitening agent + Essential oil all in one. This really impress me. Just nice for lazy and busy people like me.
Goodal Superseed Oil Plus Skin Mist
Brand's InnerShine Booth
Brand's Booth
Berry Essence and Ruby Collagen Strip to drink and eat. 2 delicious and effective products from Brand's that I always like.
Nice Berry Essence and Collagen
Belif Booth
Belif Booth
There were too many people at the Belif booth that day, queuing for the sure win lucky dip. I though I am going to give this booth a miss when one of the belif consultant walk to me and gave me a clear explanation of Belif products and do sampling on my hand. Thanks a lot. 
Belif Beat Miracle Revital Range
Enavose Booth
Enavose Booth
This is one booth I really miss that day. Too many people crowding around. Its the first time I heard of this makeup brand really. And there are free makeup by their consultant on that day too.

Food Corners
Beautiful SampleStore Cake by The White Ombre
Food Food!!! A very important part of event to me. There are food sponsor that day, bring us nice desserts. Yum Yum. 
Nestle. Never know that this can be snack this way too.
Cupcakes and cookies.
Emicakes dessert in a bottle and Push and pop
And Yes, I did bring home some of the dessert and share it with my family. 
Brought home some to share with my family.
There are also foods from Fullhouse Signature Cafe too. 
Throughout different timing of the event, we have the sampleStore editor to speak to us too. 
Speech by SampleStore Editor.
Not forgetting, there are photo booths for us to leave our beautiful memories of the event. This is what I have. 
Taking photo with Director of SampleStore.
Photos taken during the event.
Towards the end, its lucky draw time! Look at the crowd! (And there are still those not inside my camera) The 1st prize was re-drawn 3 times! Or was it 4 times!
Look at part of the crowd!
And I get to bring home 2 big goodies bag home. Man! Its so heavy and full. Thanks SampleStore and Sponsors once again for all these. 
2 Big Goodies Bags to bring home.
What is in the Beauty Panelist Goodies Bag.
What is in the New Sample Store Package Goodies Bag.
Do visit Website to start your sampling journey. :)

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by Sample Store for the new product sharing purposes only. All reviews are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event. 

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