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Review: Hi-Tea Fruit Tea Series

Hi-Tea Fruit Tea Series (10 sachets per box)
Today review is on Hi-Tea Fruit Tea Series. Thanks to Hi-Tea for sending the packets of teas. ;)

Overall, I really enjoy these Hi-Tea Fruit teas. They produces a tasty fruit taste with a nice flower and fruit smell. Best of all, they are a good replacement for soft drink as these fruit tea are much more healthy. I can drink it hot or cold depending on my mood. This tea makes a great gift too. :)

Hi-Tea Fruit Tea Series Summary
Hi-Tea is a Singapore based flower tea company that provides flower tea products with quality and beneficiary to health and beauty.

Their tea uses 100% pure flowers and fresh fruits that is dried and mixed.

Also it does not contain caffeine, flavouring, color or additives.

They have 3 selections of tea:
  • Blends of Flowering Tea (Stay tune for the next review)
    1. Slimming Tea Series
    2. Health Tea Series
    3. Beauty Tea Series
    4. Anti-Aging Tea Series
    5. Relaxation Series
  • Fruit Tea (Today's Review)
    1. Peach Fruit Tea
    2. Apple Rose Fruit Tea
    3. Blueberry Fruit Tea
  • Loose Tea
    • Lemongrass, Stevia, Chamomile, Ginseng Flower, Rose Hips, Chrysanthemum buds, Pink Rose, Peppermint, Lavender, Sweet Osmanthus. 
Our focus for today's review is fruit tea.

Fruit Teas
These fruit tea is full of vitamins, fruit acids and minerals.
What is stated on Fruit Tea box.
Peach Fruit Tea 
Ingredients used: Hibiscus, French Rose Buds, Peach, Lemon

Apple Rose Fruit Tea
Ingredients used: Dried Apple, Roselle, French Rose, Orange

Blueberry Fruit Tea
Ingredients used: Hibiscus, French Rose, Herbs, Blueberry, Blackcurrents, Grapes

Peach, Blueberry and Apple Fruit Tea.
Go to Hi-Tea Website for more information. 

How to drink Hi-Tea Fruit Tea Series?
  • Place 1 sachet into 300ml of mug.
  • Pour in some water to wash the tea then add 300ml of hot water. 
  • Steep it for 3- 5 minutes. Increase steeping time for each new brew. 
  • Its then ready to be serve. Add honey or rock sugar for sweet taste. 
What is written on the package.
This tea can be drink warm or cold, depending on own preference.

Each sachet can be brewed up to 3 times.

My Review
Thanks to Hi-Tea for sending the packets of teas.

Today focus will be on Hi-Tea Fruit teas.
Hi-Tea Fruit Tea Series.
I love to drink tea. Especially when the tea contains natural ingredients and minus caffeine and other unnecessary items in it. That means I can drink it anytime anywhere without worrying. As I have sensitive gastric, so I am very careful about tea with caffeine. Thankfully no such worry drinking Hi-Tea. :)

Lets start with the package. Hi-Tea are pack in a nice box of 10 sachets.
Tea came in a box.
Tea came in a box of 10 Sachets.
The box can be so easily opened and folded for storage. And its so nice for display too. 
Dotted line for easy opening.
Box opened.
Take away the side cover.
Side cover removed.
Fold the dotted line on the cover.
Box nicely folded for storage.
Or you may store it this way too.
Each sachet of tea is nicely place in a small tea bag. So its convenient to bring around.
Tea is place in a tea bag for convenient.
Lets start our tea appreciation session.
High Tea begin with a nice set of tea pot and tea cup.
Blueberry Fruit Tea
Sachet of Blueberry Fruit tea.
This is the fruit tea I love most among the 3 fruit tea Hi-Tea have.

The blueberry produces very fragrance blueberry smell right from the start when I just pour hot water over the tea up to after the tea is finished when empty pot is left. The blueberry smell simply smell great.

For the benefit of all, I tear open the tea bag to let all see what is inside. I usually love it inside the tea bag as it makes my tea looked neat. Those who love it emptied into the tea pot can do so too. The taste will be the same.

From the look at what is inside, I can indeed see blueberry inside. :D
What is inside the blueberry fruit tea bag.
The tea looks red in color. Very nice natural color from the ingredients inside.
How it looks like.
Blueberry tea have a natural red color from the tea used.
I love to drink tea warm. So naturally I tried it warm first. It produces a very tasty sweet and sour taste. More of a blueberry taste and a very light rose taste.

I tried it cold too. Not as tasty as I feel when I drink it warm. Cold blueberry tea taste slightly thinner while the warm one taste thicker. So I personally recommend it warm.

No need to add any sugar or honey as its sweet enough already. It taste delicious already just as it is.

Apple Rose Fruit Tea
Sachet of Apple Rose Fruit Tea.
Apple rose fruit tea produces a very light apple smell when I smell it before I drink it.

From the look of what is inside, I can indeed see dried apple and orange inside.
What is inside the apple fruit tea bag.
The tea looks very red. Makes me feel like I am a Dracula drinking blood.
How it looks like.
Apple rose tea have a natural very red color from the tea used.
The apple rose tea taste most sour among the 3 fruit tea. Its produces more rose taste with a slight apple taste.

I like it warm too for this apple tea. Better taste then when I drink it cold.

Peach Fruit Tea
Sachet of Peach Fruit Tea.
Peach tea produces a nice light peach smell.

Same as the rest, I opened it and find it amuse to see small little pieces of peach inside. First time I see it in my peach tea as usually its only peach concentrate not the real peach in my tea. :)
What is inside the peach fruit tea bag.
The tea...erm have the same red color as the blueberry tea. I thought it will be yellow in color. LOL... Eh...wait a second.....I realize all 3 fruit tea have almost the same red in color. This is the reason why its natural with no artificial color. Great.
How it looks like.
Peach tea have a natural very red color from the tea used.
It taste sweet and a little sour, almost the same as blueberry but minus the blue berry taste.

Well I love peach tea. So I have quite high hope before drinking it. But after drinking, I find it a little disappointed. Although it still taste really delicious. This is because it taste mostly rose when warm. I can hardly taste the peach taste.

But then I realize it is not the case when drink cold. The peach taste is stronger and nicer when drink cold. So I recommend drinking peach tea cold. Although the peach taste is still not strong enough for me.

Peach tea rank the last of my favourite among the 3 Hi-tea fruit tea. Not because it is not nice. It is nice too. Just that I feel that peach taste should be heavier.

Actually, all 3 fruit tea taste almost the same to me with a little different in fruit taste. The base taste the same.
Hi-Tea Fruit Tea Series.
Overall, I really enjoy these Hi-Tea Fruit teas. They produces a tasty fruit taste with a nice flower and fruit smell. Best of all, they are a good replacement for soft drink as these fruit tea are much more healthy. I can drink it hot or cold depending on my mood. This tea makes a great gift too. :)

Where to buy it?
Hi-Tea various type of Tea can be bought from Hi-Tea Website at a retail price of S$22.90 per box for loose tea, S$24.90 per box for fruit tea and S$26.90 per box for special blend tea.

Currently, they are having a promotion of 2 boxes for S$18 while stock last. That's a good buy. :)

Where to get sample?
No sample redemption for this product. :( However you may like Hi-Tea Facebook Page for future promotion.

Disclaimer: Product(s) was/were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.


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