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Review: Hi-Tea New Package (DIY with Peach Fruit Tea, Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary Loose Flower Tea)

Hi-Tea New Package (50gm/Pack)
Today review is on Hi-Tea New Package plus DIY with Peach Fruit Tea, Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary Loose Flower Tea. 

Overall, I really have fun playing with the tea, blending my own tea, making my own dessert and food using the tea. The new packaging is really great for more DIY and blending. Drinking tea now turns out to be fun and relax for me. 

Hi-Tea Fruits and Loose Flower Tea Summary
Hi-Tea is a Singapore based flower tea company that provides flower tea products with quality and beneficiary to health and beauty.

Their tea uses 100% pure flowers and fresh fruits that is dried and mixed. Also it does not contain caffeine, flavouring, color or additives. Perfectly safe and healthy.

They have different varieties of tea:
  • Fruits Tea
  • Special Blended Flower Tea
  • Loose Flowering Tea
  • Blooming Flower Tea (New)
Tea in this Review
Chamomile and Lavender Loose Flower Tea
Lavender Tea
Flavour - Slight Sweet and Strong Fragrant
Benefits - Reduce blood pressure, stabilize digestive system, relief headache, improve sleep quality, minimize chance of getting flu cough or sore throats, relief menstrual pain and relax tension.

Chamomile Tea
Flavour - Slight Sweet or Slight Bitter
Benefits -
Aid in soothing lung, reduce symptoms of flu, headache, helps relief constipation, breathing problems, tension, improve sleep quality and menstrual cycle and beauty.

Rosemary Loose Flower Tea
Rosemary Tea
Flavour -
Fragrant and pleasant
Benefits -
improve memory, brain function, alertness, helps in blood circulation, normalize blood pressure,
indigestion, rheumatism, muscle pain, relax, prevent anemia, eliminate toxins and cleanse your body, calm digestive system, fight anxieties and headache, treat eczema and skin rashes and antioxidant which helps to fight cancer, free radicals and premature aging.
(Be careful not to over drink it.)

Peach Fruit Tea
Peach Fruit Tea 
Ingredients used: Hibiscus, French Rose Buds, Peach, Lemon

Go to Hi-Tea Website for more information.

How to consume Hi-Tea?
  • Place 5 gram of flower tea into 300ml of mug.
  • Pour in some water to wash the tea then add 300ml of hot water.
  • Steep it for 3- 5 minutes. Increase steeping time for each new brew. 
  • Its then ready to be serve. Add honey for better taste. 
The gram stated here is for reference only. You may adjust according to your liking. 

Keep flower tea in cool dry place.   
Brewing instruction on the package.
My Review
Its tea time!!! Yes, it's my Hi-Tea time again!!! :D And this time round, Hi-Tea have a new packaging. Follow me to find out now. 

As you may have previously seen, Hi-Tea Flower Tea comes in one individual sachet. That is their old package as they have come out with new packaging. 
Hi-Tea Old Packaging.
Now Hi-Tea Flower Tea comes in each individual, nice 4 way safe see through 50 gram light brown package. 

Yes see through means you can see the flower tea now!

How 4 way safe? The pack is water proof, it comes in a zip lock for resealing, it's fire seal at the top to ensure the pack you received is fresh and new and the sticker pasted on the bag ensure it's not opened.
Hi-Tea New Packaging.
Back of the package contain instructions and expiry date.
Kudos to the Hi-Tea team, all these packing of tea, to sealing to pasting the stickers to checking of the tea before delivering it to you are all done by human work, Not machine work. So you can now not worry and feel safe as each and every pack is carefully inspected before delivery. 

Each pack also comes with a refreshment chip inside the bag to ensure the tea stays dry. 
Comes with a refreshment chip.
This new packing means that I can better blend my own tea and adjust them according to my liking. Great for me to do more DIY. :)

How about those who still like them in sachet for traveling? Well you can always blend your own tea, then pack them in empty tea sachet that can be bought easily and finally place the sachet made in a container. This way, the tea that I bring along while traveling now contain my own unique tea that can't go wrong!
Empty Tea sachet you can buy to hold your own blend of tea.
With this new individually pack loose tea, I am having a great time having fun doing DIY to the tea. 

Before I go on to the fun of playing with the tea, let us look at one new tea here first, Rosemary tea. 
Trying out Rosemary tea.
I have eaten rosemary chicken but drinking it as tea!! I asked myself, "Are you sure!!??" So I did try making myself a very small cup

I have seen rosemary chop up into very small pieces but Hi-Tea's rosemary tea came in longer bigger rosemary leaves. 
Rosemary tea
The rosemary tea came colorless with just very light rosemary smell.  

And surprisingly, rosemary tea taste quite pleasant and fragrance. It taste even better when drink cold. Its quite hard to explain the taste but the feeling is just about the same when drinking lemongrass tea. Just simply it taste like
Rosemary tea came colorless.
But if you still find it strange to drink rosemary tea, then eat them! I have tried marinating these rosemary tea into my pork rib and it taste simply delicious!!
Marinate rosemary to pork rib.
Delicious rosemary pork rib.
Enough of rosemary. let's move on to more DIY. 
Previously, I have tried drinking the readily packed relaxation special blended tea by Hi-Tea. To recall, it taste too bitter for me as the lavender is overwhelming. 

So, with these new pack of loose tea, I can now easily adjust and blend my own relaxation tea that suits my taste bud. :)

What did I blend? Besides lavender and chamomile, I added rosemary to form Swanple's relaxation tea.  
DIY Relaxation Tea.
DIY Relaxation Tea using chamomile, lavender and rosemary.
This time round, I added more chamomile and reduce the lavender. Also I added some amount of rosemary by using my gut feeling....hahaha
Amount I used for 1 pot of tea.

It produces the same yellow color tea but taste so much better. 
Yellow in color.
There is a sweet chamomile taste with a very light lavender and rosemary taste towards the end. Also the rosemary taste is gone when the tea turns cold.

I love my own DIY blended relaxation tea. Taste just as I want it to be. ;)
Swanple's DIY relaxation tea.
But for those who want to blend back Hi-Tea's relaxation special blended Tea that you have drink in sachet previously, you can do so too. Its actually 2gm of chamomile tea and 2gm of lavender tea. 
Well, I know you must be scolding me right now. "Are you crazy!!! Singapore so hot still drink hot tea??!!!" Ok Ok Ok. Actually I sometimes think this way too. :p

Hm...ok then don't drink it hot. Let's make it cold till it freezes your brain. So I decided to make my own DIY Peach fruit tea ice-cream!!! Just the thought of it already makes me so excited. 

Ingredient used is simple. Just Hi-Tea peach fruit tea with strawberries.
Hi-Tea peach fruit tea with strawberries.
It's simple to make too. Cut up strawberries, prepare the peach tea and put them all to the ice-cream mould. 
Making my own ice-cream.
And I waited anxiously for my ice-cream to be form. *_*'''
Placing it in refrigerator to form shape.
The wait is worth it. My DIY ice-cream taste so so delicious. Not only delicious, it is healthy too.
DIY Ice-cream.
Hi-Tea peach fruit tea with strawberries ice-cream.
Overall, I really have fun playing with the tea, blending my own tea, making my own dessert and food using the tea. The new packaging is really great for more DIY and blending. Drinking tea now turns out to be fun and relax for me. 

Where to buy it?
Hi-Tea various type of Tea can be bought from Hi-Tea Website.It now comes in new package and each package comes in 50 grams. Check out Hi-Tea Website now for the price of each different tea. 

Where to get sample?
No sample redemption for this product. :( However you may like Hi-Tea Facebook Page for future promotion.

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. 

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