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Review: Althea 10 Minutes Makeup Challenge Trendy Box

Althea 10 Minutes Makeup Challenge Trendy Box
Are you like me? If possible, you would rather save the time to catch more sleep then spend it on makeup early in the morning before going to work? And often you would be thinking, how good if I can just finish basic makeup in just 10 minutes?

Let me tell you the good news. Althea have helped us solved this problem by putting together a 10 Minutes Makeup Challenge Trendy Box. 

Come, lets discover this women's sleep saving box with me. 

About Althea
Althea Online
If you haven't know about Althea, let me do a brief introduction to you. 

Althea is a one stop online store where you can find varieties of authentic K-Beauty products at reasonable price. 

Products are hand picked and packed from Althea Warehouse in Korea and shipped to your door step. Free delivery fee for above S$29. 

For more information, go to Althea Online

10 Minutes Makeup Challenge Trendy Box
Althea No. 6 Trendy Box
This is Althea No. 6 Trendy Box. 

In this special box, Althea pack together 6 products that actually help ladies complete makeup in 10 minutes.

The pink box came nicely bubble wrapped inside a pink wrapper
Nicely Packed.
Before I start going into the individual items, let me gave you a small peek through my unboxing video below. :) Enjoy! 

1) Pure Smile - Gerbera Rich Flower Point Pad
Pure Smile - Gerbera Rich Flower Point Pad
  • Focused care. 
  • Rich Gerbera extract.
  • Contain Vitamin E, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid.
  • Great for use on dry areas of skin on body and face that needs moisture.
  • Improve damage skin.  
  • Cloth pad.
  • Covered serum.
  1. After Cleanse, clear skin. 
  2. Place point pads on parts that needs moisturizing.
  3. After 60 seconds, remove pads and gently dab for more absorption. 
My Review
This cute and pretty pack of point pad came in a zip lock bag for better storage. 
Came in a zip lock bag.
The cloth pad came in nice round shape with flower pattern on it. Looks like mini version of mask to me
Nice flower pattern on the pad.
It is covered with serum that feels a little sticky and oily to me. 
Serum inside the pack.
Looks pretty cute on my face. :) However, I don't see much effect on my face. Maybe my skin wasn't that dry for me to see significant result in the first place. But it is a nice quick fix tool. :)
Looks cute on me.
2) Missha - Perfect Cover Tension Pact #23
Missha - Perfect Cover Tension Pact #23 (14g, SPF37 PA+++)
  • #23
  • Foundation + Concealer
  • Perfect flaw Coverage
  • Long lasting power and moisturizing (24hours)
  • Smooth, dewy and radiant skin
  • Creamy
Take appropriate amount using the puff and apply evenly onto face.

My Review
This foundation + Concealer came in a very nice pink casing.
Nice pink casing.
How the inside looks like when opening the casing.
Came with a puff too.
Came with puff.
The foundation is covered under a white cover and under the woven net. It is easy to use and the foundation filled the puff evenly in just a light press.
Covered with white cover.
Woven net seen after opening the white cover.
Liquid foundation covered evenly on puff.
And I know that the product is not used before as there is a sticker that needs to be removed before it can be use. Pretty hygienic here.
New pact covered with sticker on top of the woven net.
I like this foundation. After apply, it makes my skin looking brighten up and smooth. Looks natural. And it is indeed long lasting. Even after a hot and sticky day, it still stays.
With and without application.
3) RiRe - Lux Dual Stick #1. Contouring Stick
RiRe - Lux Dual Stick #1. Contouring Stick (3g X 2)
  • #1 (Highlighter And Shading)
  • Face contouring 2-in-1 stick.
  • Make face look slim and small. 
  • Add vitality and brighten dull skin. 
  • Easy and simple.
  1. Highlighter: Apply to forehead, under eye area, chin and nose that needs dimension. 
  2. Shading: Apply on outer part of forehead, nose side, cheekbone and chin. 
  3. Use water puff and blend from highlighter to shading.
My Review
Ok, I don't actually use contouring stick as I am a lazy women. But this stick says it will get it done in seconds. Hm...makes me curious. Not a really necessary item in my makeup list but can give it a try.

The stick came double sided and small, very easy to bring around.
Double sided.
The highlighter part is beige in color while the shading part is brown in color.
How the stick looks like.
beige in color and brown in color.
They are indeed easy to apply and blend pretty fast. But I don't quite know how to see the different. What do you think?
During and after application.
4) Skinfood - Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes #1. Berry Chiffon
Skinfood - Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes #1. Berry Chiffon
  • #1. Berry Chiffon
  • Eye Palette.
  • Function as eyebrow, eyeliner and eye shadow.
  1. Eyebrow / Eyeliner: Brown sugar and Choco Chip
  2. Eye Shadow - Base Layer: Milk Berry , Whip Butter
  3. Eye Shadow - Mid Layer: All Colors
  4. Eye Shadow - Point Layer: Berry Paste, Brown Sugar
My Review
This eye palette came in a very compact and thin box that looks like candy casing to me.
Eye palette came in a very compact and thin box.
There are a total of 6 colors in the palette.
Came in 6 colors.
How the colors look like.
I do not need to worry about brush as a makeup brush comes with this eye palette. And I do all 3 areas of the makeup using this 1 brush. Its really easy.
Came with a brush.
What I like most is that this 1 eye palette can be use on 3 areas: eyebrow, eyeliner and eye shadow. This means I can carry less during travel. 

I like the colors of the palette. It looks really natural and nice. If you do not like too wild colors, then you will like these natural and soft colors on the palette, like me.
After application.

5) Blingsome - Long Lasting Lip Lacquer (#4 Dusty Coral)
Blingsome - Long Lasting Lip Lacquer (#4 Dusty Coral)
  • #4 Dusty Coral
  • Cream Matte
  • Function as Lipstick, Lip gloss, lip tint and lip essence.
Just open the cap, twist to let out the lip lacquer and apply to lip. 

My Review
The lip lacquer came in a very classy look. 
Classy look.
Sticky to show that it's sealed.
Once open I can smell very nice fruity fragrance.  

Ok I admit, this is the first time i use a lip lacquer. And I totally goes ??? when I open the cap of the lip lacquer and the instruction is not helping coz it is in Korean. 

The inside looks a little special to me. It look like a normal lipstick yet it is not. Before I thought of breaking the stick into half, I accidentally twist the top part of the lip lacquer and cream lip stick came out from the small hole. 0_0 ( me mountain tortoise please)
How the inside looks like.
Lip lacquer twisted out.
The lip lacquer looks glossy but when apply, it actually is matte texture but not drying to the lip at all. 
Nice color.
Color wise looks natural on my lip. I actually have crack lips but my lip looks smooth after application. 
Before and After application.
I like it that this lip stick does not smudge or leave a stain easily. And it has good lasting power. It is still nicely on my lip even after a meal. :)

6) Piolang - 4D Pore Balance Foam & Pack
Piolang - 4D Pore Balance Foam & Pack (250ml)
  • Multi pact foam - Clay pact + Foam cleanser.
  • Remove makeup and dead skin cell. 
  • Great for pores cleansing and control. 
  • Skin is balanced and hydrated.
  • Light Blue creamy texture
  1. Apply on face and let natural dry for 2 - 3 minutes. 
  2. With warm water, gently roll and massage the face and then wash off.
My Review
This 4D Pore Balance Foam & Pack came in a long tub and is nicely sealed. 
Nicely sealed.
I thought it is a normal cleanser that can work as a scrub to clean pores and dead skin cell. But it says makeup remover too. So I did a small test. 
Light Blue creamy texture.
It does cleanse off light makeup but I personally feel that it is not totally cleanse. So I better use this as a cleanser cum scrub. 
Waiting for it to dry before washing off.
Although it does not work well as a makeup remover, it works well as a cleanser. My skin does feel cleanse and hydrated after wash. 

Alright that sums up the 6 products in the Althea 10 Minutes Makeup Challenge Trendy Box. Wait.....I think I miss out something....So can I really finish applying my makeup in 10 minutes using these?

Well I did try. I took 9 minutes and 45 seconds to done up my makeup. But that is when u are really very familiar on each application. Think you can do better? Pick up a box now and take up the challenge.
All ready to go out in 10 minutes.
Where to buy it?
Althea 10 Minutes Makeup Challenge Trendy Box can be bought from Althea SG Online at a price of S$42.

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.


  1. I just posted the exact same box on my blog. I wonder if the lipstick is actually only one shade, instead of 2 like shown on the promotional image haha

    Oh and about that Gerbera Pad, I had no idea what it was until I see the illustration on the back of the pouch LOL

    1. Should have more shades of u buy individually but maybe the box comes with just that 1 shade only I think. :)