Monday, 4 December 2017

Review: Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte

Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte
Come check out New Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte with me. 

I have tried green tea latte but seldom drink roasted green tea. Few weeks ago, I tried this Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte. I pretty love it. Not so sweet with lighter green tea taste and a hint of roasted taste. 

About Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte
This is Gold Kili's new instant roasted green tea. 

  • Help promote healthy digestion. 
  • No artificial flavour
How to drink Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte?
Hot Serving: 
  1. Pour content to cup. 
  2. Add 150ml of hot water. 
  3. Stir well and Serve. 
Cold Serving:
  1. Pour content to cup.
  2. Dissolve in 75ml of hot water. 
  3. Add in ice and serve. 
My Review
I was pretty excited to win this sample packs of Gold Kili's New Hojicha Latte.

I love to drink green tea. But roasted green tea, I seldom drink. So it's a good chance for me to try it this time. 

It came in a nice gold color packaging. Each instant Hojicha Latte came in individual pack. Easy to carry around.
Each instant Hojicha Latte came in individual pack.
It was stated that the tea can be drink cold or hot. 

I have tried both hot and cold. I personally still like it hot. 

When this Hojicha Latte is drink hot, it gave off a nice hint of roasted taste. The green tea taste became lighter.
When drink hot.
When drink cold, it also gave off a nice roasted taste at the beginning. But the green tea taste slightly stronger than when drink hot towards the end. 
When drink cold.
It is also less sweet. Great for people who do not like their green tea taste to be too strong.

I pretty love it. You may try them too. 

Where to buy it?
Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte can be found in Lazada online store and Fairprice supermarket at S$6.50 per packet. 

Where to get sample?
Sample giveaway is long over. :(

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