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Review: Aura Blender Review (Portable Blender + Insulated Sleeve)

Aura Portable Blender and Insulated Sleeve

Making healthy drinks and smoothies can be make easy with a powerful portable blender. This is especially useful for busy people like us.     

Recently, I was introduced to Aura Portable Blender with their Insulated Sleeve. Their blender is powerful, easy to use and good in quality. I love how smooth my drinks turns out from this blender. Also it is really convenient for travel. The Insulated Sleeve comes in handy too. 

Check out my experience below. 

About Aura Blender and Insulated Sleeve

Aura is a brand specialize in portable blender. 

Aura Blender Singapore

Aura Portable Blender

Aura portable blender is Singapore top selling personal portable blender with the following benefits: 

  • Wireless USB rechargeable.
  • AuraVortex blending technology 25000 RPM
  • Powerful blending that is able to blend ingredients like ice and nuts easily.
  • Take less than 10 second to create a smoothie.
  • Has measurement marking on jar which makes recipes easier.
  • Safe for cold and warm blending.
  • Make of borosilicate glass.
  • Can be converted into a bottle by replacing the motor base with the bottle cap.  
  • Easy to clean
  • 6-point stainless steel Aura Nutri Extractor blades.
  • Convenient travel size
  • Ultra-smooth, silky texture and consistency blends. 
  • Child safe. Motor and blades activate only when the blender jar is securely attached.
  • Anti slip base, water resistant grip
  • Build in battery light indicator.
What is stated on the box.

Aura Insulated Sleeve

Aura Insulated Sleeve is a protective sleeve with the following benefits: 

  • AuraGrid Insulating technology - Keep drinks cold or warm for hours after blending.
  • Made of waterproof neoprene material that prevents condensation from getting onto clothes/bag.
  • Can be use to carry other standard size (500ml) water bottles.
  • Build in wrist strap.  
Check out Aura Blender Singapore Website for more information.  

How to use them?

Aura Portable Blender

Below is a simplified steps of how to use the blender. Check out the e-guide given in the product for more information. 
  1. Add your liquid and ingredients. 
  2. Tilt the Aura Blender sideways to ensure any solid ingredients do not obstruct the blades.
  3. Power on and start blending.
  4. When ready, stop the blending by pressing power button. 
  5. If more blending needed, power on the blender again. 
E-Guide on the box.

Aura Insulated Sleeve

Just slip your bottle into the sleeve and you are ready to go!!!

My Review

Taking care of our health is very important. What we eat and drink impact our health. With our busy lifestyle, we often skip the intake of fruits and other nutrition food and drinks. All because of this excuse, ""No Time!!!"

Therefore, having an easy to use, portable and powerful device is important to make our job easier. No more excuses. 

Recently, I was introduced to Aura Portable Blender with their Insulated Sleeve. 

Aura Portable Blender with their Insulated Sleeve.

This is not the first time I use portable blender. My past portable blender actually gave me quite a lot of problems. So it ended up collecting dust on my kitchen table. Therefore, I was hoping that Aura Portable Blender will give me an easier life. 

It sure did not disappoint me.😁 Lets check it out!

Aura Portable Blender

Aura Portable Blender came in a white box. The device came with a USB charging cable and bottle cap besides the main unit. 

What is in the box.

Looks pretty solid and clean to me when I first hold it on my hand. 
Looks solid and clean.

The top lid came with a handle which makes it easy to carry around. 
Top lid came with handle.

Easy to carry around.

I love the quality of the jar. It is made of borosilicate glass instead of the usual plastic. Much more safer to use. There is also measurement on the jar making it easier for me to see how much I need to add for the ingredients I throw inside.
Quality glass with measurements.

The 6-pointed blades on the motor base is really powerful. The most powerful portable blender I have used so far. 
6-pointed blades on the motor base.

It not only makes my drink so smooth to drink in seconds, I am able to add in a few pieces of ice into the blender and blend together. 
Add ingredients including ice into the blender.

Very smooth texture.

Smooth cup of smoothie.

The blender is also less noisy. 

The only problem I face so far is that sometimes the blending get stuck during the start of the blend. But dislodging the stuck ingredients is make easy with this blender by just shaking it and restarting the blending again. 

The best part of this blender and also the part which I love most, I am able to just remove the motor base, put on the bottle cap given and bring it everywhere I go like a normal bottle. Save a lot of my time. 

Remove motor base and put on the bottle cap and bring it everywhere.

Rain or shine, the bottle is very durable and also stylish.
Bottle is durable.

Stylish bottle.

The whole device (including the motor base) is not very big. It is easy for me to bring along during travel and back to office. Although it is slightly heavier than those plastic one, it is still very lightweight for me to bring around. 
Easy for me to bring around anywhere.

Aura Insulated Sleeve

The Insulated sleeve makes it easier for me to bring around. 

Aura Insulated Sleeve.

It is black in color and came with a wrist strip and protective waterproof padded cover. The material touches thick with quality.
Protective waterproof.

Wrist strip.

Fit well for Aura Blender and other bottles.

My blended smoothies is kept cold and fresh for hours. 
Smoothie is still fresh and cold for hours.

Now I can blend my own smoothies and bring it along with me during work, sightseeing and shopping!

Easy to carry.

Bring along for sightseeing.
Bring along anywhere.

Check out Aura portable blender with Insulated sleeve from my video below. 

Overall, Aura portable blender is
powerful, easy to use and good in quality. Drinks turns out smooth and fresh. It is convenient to bring around too. The Insulated Sleeve keeps drink cold for hours and makes it convenient for travel. It is a good portable blender to invest in.  

Happy blending!!!

Where to buy them?

Aura Portable Blender and Insulated Sleeve can be purchase from the following link below: 

Aura Portable Blender
Aura Insulated Sleeve

Delivery and Services

They provide the following delivery and services: 

  • Free Delivery in Singapore
  • 24-hour express delivery option
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
They accept various payment methods. Check out Aura Blender Singapore Website for more information.

Where to follow?

Check out Aura Blender social media for more information and promotion. 

Aura Blender Singapore Website
Aura Blender Singapore Facebook
Aura Blender Singapore Instagram

Disclaimer: Product is provided in collaboration with Aura. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. 

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