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Review: Fruits Delivery Singapore - Fresh and Quality Fruits

Fruits Delivery Singapore

Fruits are one of the important source of nutrition to keep us strong and healthy. Being privilege in Singapore, we get to expose ourselves to fruits from all over the world. 

And having fruits became so easy with the help of Fruits Delivery Singapore. They have a large varieties of fresh fruits for you to choose. From commonly found fruits in supermarkets to uncommon fruits in supermarket. 

Join me as I tried out their service and fruits last week.

About Fruits Delivery Singapore 

Fruits Delivery is Singapore's fastest premium fruits delivery online store. 

Fruits Delivery Singapore Website

Your fruits order will be delivered to you in 2 hours of your purchase

Here are also some information you must know:

  • They have over 80 varieties of fruits for you to choose from.
  • Fruits are source from the best farmers all over the world from grade A sustainable organic farming.
  • No pesticides and chemical used. 
  • No overnight storage fruits. Fruits are always fresh flown to Singapore.
  • Experience packer trained to pick out fruits that do not qualify their quality. Which means no bad fruits will be send to you. 
  • Fruits are from 1st priority harvest
  • 7 locations island wide.  

Go to Fruits Delivery Singapore Website to check more information. 

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My Review

Are you a fruits lover and cannot live without having your fair share of fruits everyday? 

For me, my fruits supply at home are bought by my mum either from supermarket or wet market. And its always those few varieties. 

Last week, thanks to Best In Singapore, I tried ordering some fresh fruits from fruits delivery Singapore that are less commonly found from the supermarket. 

Ordering Process

Their ordering catalog are neatly categories for you to easily find the fruits you wish to order.

Neat catalog for easy navigation.

However I feel that it will help a little more in my buying process if there is some simple write up regarding the fruits in their individual page like the country of origin, how the fruit taste like and etc.
Details listed in the cart and the seamless payment process makes my buying experience a happy and stress free one. 

Detailed listing in cart.

I also like it that I am able to choose my delivery date and time slot. 

Date and time slot of delivery can be selected.

They are sure very puncture. My carton of fruits came delivered to my doorstep in less than 2 hours upon order. 

Packed and labelled.

It came nicely packed in a box with cling-wrap too.

Unwrapping, the fruits look so fresh and touches cold. Can tell that they are nicely handled throughout the process. 

Fruits are so fresh.

I totally bought 5 uncommon fruits from Fruits Delivery Singapore. They were really so fresh that some of them are not rape enough for consumption on the delivery day itself. 

5 types of fresh fruits bought.

Lucky for me, I have my aunt and my mum that use quick rape method on these fruits. So I get to enjoy these delicious and fresh fruits in a few days after the delivery. 

Turkey Fig


Fig is a very healthy fruit. It is high in natural sugar, mineral and soluble fibre. It is a good source of antioxidant and calcium, contain prebiotics and helps to nourish and tone the intestines.

I am more familiar with dried fig used to boil soup which is call 无花果 in mandarin. This is the first time I tried fresh fig. 

I like that they labelled the best before date of the fig.

Labelled the best before date.

The entire fig can be consume including the skin. It taste really fragrance and sweet. It is just like eating dates but without the sticky texture. It is also less sweet as compare to dates. The seeds inside make the fig a little crunchy to bite. 

How the inside of the fig looks like.

Ecuador Yellow Passion Fruit

Ecuador Yellow Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is very rich in Vitamin C and it helps boost our immunity. 

I have seen and eaten purple passion fruit. It is usually more sour. Yellow passion fruit is a first time for me. 

The seed is actually bigger than the purple passion fruit and it has nice white flesh. 

How the inside of the yellow passion fruit looks like.

To my surprise, it taste amazingly fragrance and sweet. The very little percentage of sour can  be taste from the seed. But it can hardly be taste as the sweetness and fragrance from the flesh neutralize it. The combination turns out amazingly tasty. 

Red Heart Kiwi

Red Heart Kiwi

Ok I must first say I actually hate to eat kiwi. But with the long long list of health benefits for eating kiwi, I often force myself to eat kiwi. But I only eat golden kiwi. Because golden kiwi does not make my mouth tingle. The green one does. 🙈

This red heart kiwi is my first try too. It actually look so pretty inside isn't it?

How the inside of the kiwi looks like.

It does not produce the tingle taste as well. It is less fragrance as compare to the golden kiwi. So still I like the golden kiwi more. 😜 

Vietnam Pink Guava

Pink Guava

Guava is a common fruit in Southeast Asia. I usually consume guava with white flesh. And it is often less fragrance and I need to eat it together with plum powder for a better taste. 

Having use shower gel made from pink guava flavor only, I am pretty excited to consume this pink guava.

The flesh does look very beautifully covered in pink. 

Beautiful pink flesh.

And I must say, it taste very fragrance and sweet as compare to normal white flesh guava. This pink guava taste delicious on its own. No need for plum powder. 

Fragrance enough to consume on its own.

Custard Apple

Custard Apple

Custard apple
helps to fight free radicals, protects our heart from cardiac disease and also keeps our skin and hair healthy. 

The last time I had my custard apple is back when I am having holiday in Australia many years ago. And I actually fall in love with it.

Don't mistaken it to soursop. Custard apple actually have a different texture and taste as compare to soursop.

How the inside of the custard apple looks like.

The flesh is less mushy
and more solid. It is very fragrance and sweet. And actually quite filling too. 

Very fragrance and sweet and filling. Share it with your family.

If you are lazy, they do have readily cut fruits and also juice if you need them for any party or events.

Happy ordering!!!

Overall, all the fruits delivered are really fresh and delicious. For the convenient, fresh and large varieties of fruits, it is quite worth ordering to me.

Where to buy it?

All the fruits can be ordered from Fruits Delivery Singapore Website

Custard Apple (L)(1 piece) - S$6.90
Red Heart Kiwi (4 Pieces) - S$9.00
Vietnam Pink Guava (2 Pieces) - S$3.00
Turkey Fig (5 Pieces) - S$11.00
Ecuador Yellow Passion Fruit (2 Pieces) - S$6.90

Delivery Fee
Spending of S$60 and above - Free delivery.
Spending of below S$60 - A flat rate of S$9.70 for each order. 

Payment Method

  • Credit Card
No minimum order is required. And delivery will be done within 2 hours.
(Note that there are surcharge for certain areas such as Sentosa and Army camps.)

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(Photos used on Fruits Delivery Website are captured by Owari Photography)

Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

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