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Review: Just Nuts Singapore - Delicious Healthy Snacks

Just Nuts Singapore

Looking for some healthy snacks to de-stress yourself or to go with wine or beer?

Check out Just Nuts Singapore. They have affordable and delicious varieties of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. I have tried them out over the week. Read on to find out about my tasting experience.

About Just Nuts Singapore

Just Nuts Singapore is an online store that provides a variety of sweet and savory low calorie treats at an affordable price.

Just Nuts Singapore

Here are some information you must know about Just Nuts:
  • Zero pesticides and chemical used.
  • 100% natural and organic. 
  • Trusted sources
  • Individually hand plucked at the farm and goes through professional quality control in the factory.
  • Low shelf life and always fresh. Directly send from factory to their pantry then to you.
  • Portion to snack-able size which is easy to enjoy. 
  • Delivery within 2 hours.

Go to Just Nuts Singapore Website for more information.

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My Review

Eating snacks can be a healthy activity too if you know how to choose the right snacks. 

Thanks to Best In Singapore, I have a basket full of snacks to try over the week with my family. 

Weather was bad the day the order is supposed to be delivery. So my order came 5 hours late. But it's good that their customer service chat is kept contactable. So I am able to chat with the officer and check on my order until it was safely delivered.  

I have with me 9 different type of snacks. They came placed in a big plastic bag. 

All came properly packed.

Each snacks came packed in bags of 100g each and placed in a sealed zip-able bag which is
good for storage. And they are properly labeled with the ingredients too. 

Came sealed with zip-able bag. Properly labeled too.

Macadamias (Raw)

Macadamias (Raw)

I don't actually quite eat nuts. But macadamia nuts is one exception. It's the only nuts I cannot resist eating. 

Macadamia nuts is high in antioxidant and great for reducing heart disease. 

Macadamia nuts from Just Nuts Singapore are fresh and nutty. Very nice macadamia fragrance taste.

Very Fresh and nutty.

It does not need any seasoning as it taste great raw. But if you need to add seasoning, some salt and chili powder is good. 

Cashews (Roasted)

Cashews (Roasted)

I don't fancy cashew nuts but my mum love it very much. So this pack is ordered for my mum to eat. 

Cashew nuts are low in sugar and is a good source of protein. It contain good fats that is needed for growth of good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol. 

I did try some and was surprised. These cashew nuts from Just Nuts Singapore taste very crunchy, fragrance and sweet. It is not oily and nicely roasted. Even I fall in love with it. 😁 Highly recommended. 

Very crunchy and fragrance.

Sunflower Seeds 

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamins B Complex which is needed for healthy nervous system. It contain other source of Vitamins and nutrition that helps to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. 

This is the least popular pack among the snacks I order. These sunflower seeds contain very raw seed taste and not fragrance enough.

Contain very raw seed taste.

It will taste better if it is roasted with seasoning. This sunflower seeds are not to my liking but it is good to use for my baking.

Dried Figs

Dried Figs

Many would be familiar with the dried fig used for making Chinese soup. For me, I have tried the fresh one and totally love it. Dried fig that are eaten as snack is first time for me. 

How the dried fig looks like.

Dried figs are great source of dietary fiber. It is rich in potassium, iron, calcium and antioxidant. 

The dried fig smells really fragrance when I open the pack. It taste totally like red dates. Sweet and actually nicer than red dates. It surprisingly taste so delicious to me.  

Check out the inside of the dried fig.

Dried Mangoes (Thai)

Dried Mangoes (Thai)

I love mangoes. So dried mangoes is always available in my refrigerator. 

Dried mangoes are rich in antioxidant. It is a good source of vitamin A, iron, calcium and potassium. 

The pack of dried mangoes smells so fragrance when I open it up. It taste so chewy and sweet and contain very rich mango taste. I totally fall in love with it!!!😍

Chewy, sweet and very rich mango taste.

Dried White Guava

Dried White Guava

Dried guava is high in fiber, vitamin A and Vitamin C. It is good in reducing blood cholesterol and good in boosting immunity system.

These dried guava smells really great. The texture is not hard. It is sweet but taste a little bitter. I personally feel that the guava taste is not strong enough.

Smells really fragrance.

Dried Blueberries

Dried Blueberries

Be it dried or fresh berries, all berries contain great nutrition. Blueberries helps to lower cholesterol, promote cardiovascular health, prevent breast cancer, and provide antioxidants. 

This is the first time I tried dried blueberries. It is as tasty as the fresh one. It contain a very nice fruity sour sweet taste.

Fruity sour sweet taste.

Dried Cranberries

Dried Cranberries

Same as blueberries, cranberries contain lots of nutrition. It not only provide antioxidant, it is a great snack for weight loss and for reducing heart disease. Most importantly, cranberries is the best source for preventing
urinary tract infection. 

Dried cranberries is another snack that is always available in my refrigerator. I always put them into my oat meal breakfast and also into my yogurt. They taste real delicious. 

Goes well with yogurt and oat meal.

The dried cranberries from Just Nuts taste crunchy, soft and sour sweet. Very tasty and a good appetizing snack.  

Crunchy, soft and sour sweet taste.

Dried Pitted Prunes

Dried Pitted Prunes

Dried prunes is good for people with digestion and constipation problem as it is high in fiber.

The dried pitted prunes here contain very rich prunes smell. it taste soft and mushy and also sweet and a little sour. 

Soft, mushy and fragrance.

Of all the snacks here, My favorite dried fruits will be the mango and cranberries. And my favorite dried nuts/seeds is surprisingly the cashew nuts as it taste too crunchy that I cannot resist eating.  

Overall, all the snacks here taste great and serve as healthier choice of snacks. But dried fruits are high in sugar content. So it is always best to eat them moderately.

Happy snacking!!!

Where to buy it?

All the nuts can be ordered from Just Nuts Singapore Website.

Cashews (Roasted) - S$3.80 (100g)
Macadamias (Raw) - S$19.50 (300g)
Dried Mangoes (Thai) - S$5.50 (100g)
Dried White Guava - S$3.50 (100g)
Dried Figs - S$3.50 (100g) 
Dried Blueberries - S$4.50 (100g)
Sunflower Seeds - S1.50 (100g)
Dried Pitted Prunes - S$2.60 (100g)
Dried Cranberries - S$2.60 (100g) 

Delivery Fee
Spending of above S$60 - Free delivery.
Spending of below S$60 - A flat rate of S$5.90 for each order. 

No minimum order is required. And delivery will be done within 2 hours islandwide.

Take note of the operation hours:

  • Monday ~ Friday: 11:00AM~08:00PM (Last Order: 06:30PM)
  • Saturday ~ Sunday: 11:00AM~09:00PM (Last Order: 07:30PM)

Late Delivery?
$5 voucher compensation will be given to you for your next purchase.

Payment Method

  • Credit Card 

(Payment is brought to you by Liquid Gateway)

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